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Why people love Phuket

Ka Na Colour
Published 264 days ago
This is considered to be the better one for me to participate in several Phuket island activities. The two islands are very leisurely, the beach quality is good, the water is clear and the sand is young and you can sunbathe. There are also many options for water activities, and the snorkeling part is good, you can see fish and corals.
Nurul Syazwani
Published 207 days ago
I would honestly not suggest this trip for the elderlies due to the steep steps on the boat, transferring from one boat to another that requires physical strength (for a senior). But other than that, highly recommended if you’re going with your bunch of friends! Tour was pretty chill, and I especially enjoyed the time when we are able to jump to the sea from the top deck of the boat. The food served has no pork no lard, so for muslims you may eat with your own discretion (but after swimming etc you’ll be hungry la so bismillah je)
Published 131 days ago
Supervised by the company Honeymoon tour is confirmed one day before the scheduled date. The driver came on time. By pick up at the hotel to go to Chalong Pier The tour leader's name is Mr. Jane. Good care, good human relations, beautiful boat, have a cameraman on the boat to help take pictures. Normal dive point at Coral Island, beautiful beach, clear water, food for sale such as papaya salad with fried chicken. Various yum yum yum yum Slightly high price As for food on board, it is normal. Sunset photo spot At Promthep Cape As beautiful as expected
Published 126 days ago
Banana beach + sunset cruise by Catmaran activity has been done for people who want to go to beautiful beaches. The chilling line takes only half a day. Want to play in the water, do clear kayaking activities, see fish, look at coral reefs, just enough parasailing in about 2 hours Then continue with a sailing boat, eat the wind, take selfies with the right people, open champagne for a low price, have a cameraman to take pictures and suggest photography angles. The price is about a thousand if there is a discount, very recommended, not suitable for scuba lines. Dive to see deep-sea fish If there are children there is no problem. Children will like it when the wind blows when sailing. The elderly do not look too tired. As for the stomach, it rarely has shock waves. The downside is that single people may be too lonely, haha.
Published 105 days ago
Although the lunch is a combination of dishes, each dish is delicious~ and not only water on the boat, but also drinks~ Because of this part, I give it a 5-star praise! XD This itinerary prefers to watch natural landscapes and streets, but I personally I like this kind of itinerary, especially when the canoe goes through the cave, I will sigh the wonders of nature!
Published 104 days ago
Phi Phi Island and Bamboo Island are very beautiful, the water is very clear, white sandy beach, beautiful coral, very worth visiting this time. The service of the guide team is very good. Help take good care of customers. The activity of snorkeling to see fish and corals is very good. I am very impressed and really like it.

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