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Review for: Sentosa Bungy Jump
Published 226 days ago
Super fun experience! If only it's cheap I would want to do this forever! (I'm being serious!) Been wanting to do this for more than 2 years and now with the SingapoRediscover vouchers, I did it! Was $69 on Klook so I used a $60 voucher and $9 cash. I did a total of 4 jumps and will be doing my 5th very soon. So here's some information that's not being provided. After the jump, the staff will ask if you would like to have a second jump at $29, and third and fourth jump at $19 each, and your fifth jump will be free. So for the first to fourth jump, you have to complete on the same day, and for your fifth free jump, you can book with them on another day. As for the video, it's $49 for the first video and $10 each for subsequent videos. Videos will be sent to your email with a link to download them. As for the best timing to jump, I personally think 6.30 PM would be the best as you can catch the sunset. There are 3 different levels of jump styles, see photo attached. You can only do level 1 on your first jump, level 2 on your second jump, level 3 on your third jump. Meaning to say you can't do level 2 jump styles on your first jump. And rest assured, they take safety there very seriously, and they have a no push policy. The maximum weight on the jumper is 150KG. The staff there are also one of the friendliest and patient people I've probably ever met at an attraction.
Kah Kay
Published 194 days ago
An interesting day trip visiting a hydroponics vegetable farm, goat farm, fish farm and Sungei Buloh nature reserve. Lunch at an eco resort Garden Vista was interesting as it was set amidst a rural setting. At the vegetable farm, we got to harvest a lettuce. At the goat farm, we fed the goats with grass and sampled goat milk. At the fish farm, we tried our luck scooping fish from the drain.
Wai Yee
Published 126 days ago
What a lovely afternoon we had learning about different plants, bees and nature in general. It was so intriguing to taste different types of honey side by side whilst learning from our very engaging host, Clarence. Not to mention, the customised cocktail helped top off a very wonderful evening. It was a fascinating insight for all of us! Thank you!
Rong Lun
Published 121 days ago
The ride was familiar yet must be magical for those who had experienced similar rides before as it would bring you on a time-travelling journey — indulge yourself in a reflective mood and let your relaxed mind be your Aladdin’s carpet in bringing you to many places, both within and beyond Singapore shores. (I was brought back to my fast craft-Pulau Tekong days too, as a bonus, haha). Choose a seat near the window and on a bench in the opposite direction travel. This way, you can catch a clear glimpse of the Marina Bay Skyline and marvel at how the Singapore Flyer is like a North Star — always within sight and as if reminding you that there is indeed “no other place you would rather be.” (: (In any case, please remember to bring along mozzie sprays!)
Published 112 days ago
Easy and hassle free to use! Just change for physical tickets at the ferry terminal, join the queue for wait for multiple ferries that come and go! Headed to St John Island first for walk and picnic before taking the linked road towards Lazarus island. On Lazarus island, visit the beach and had a wonderful picnic and lazed around in a tent. Took the ferry next to Kusu Island and walked around, the kids are excited to see the turtles! Headed back to ferry terminal end of day to take the ferry back to Singapore Mainland. A+++ trip!
Vara Prasad
Published 102 days ago
Check in process is smooth along with the co-vid test. Cruise experience was great with decent shows, fun water slides, exiting zip line, unlimited food and much more stuff. During this co-vid, it was a great activity to get away from Singapore. Take note that $21 per night have to paid in the cruise for gratuity.

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