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Review for: Southern Islands Tour
Suyin Genevieve
Published 145 days ago
We did 4 islands as it started raining when we were doing the 5th island. Guide (PK) provided lots of valuable info which we would not have gathered/known if we were to wander on our own. Lunch was sad with bread but it was a big box of food which we’d donated to the workers on the island. Overall, was a fruitful trip.
Published 130 days ago
Amazing 4 hours spent onboard with Epic Ocean and we had an epic time celebrating my husband's 50th birthday. In his words - 'Its like i am on a holiday while onboard'. Aemy and her husband are such nice and friendly host, we really appreciate their hospitality, she even helped to take photos of us to document the special moments without being asked. Kids had a blast with the complimentary water 'toys' available. Highly recommended and will definitely be back soon!
Published 64 days ago
The entire itineary is well designed, from very start, we enjoyed Singapore panaromic view form the sea, the comfortable sea wind predicated we would have a great trip. The bilingual tourit guide is very professional, knowledgeable, sharing interesting stories about Singapore, the islands . He is passionate, care taking, he loves Singapore so much and we were touched He also took beautiful photos for us and edited it into mini video end of the tour and shared with us I loved the tour, definitely recommended! The whole itinerary design is very Well, the gentle sea breeze indicates that we have a pleasant trip to the southern islands. To admire the Singapore city skyline from the sea, it is a completely different feeling to walk through reinforced concrete buildings in peacetime. The tour guide is very professional and caring about the guests. He often reminds the guests of the precautions, helped us take a lot of beautiful photos and made a short video for us. We have retained this beautiful memory. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, under the circumstances that the epidemic will not go away for a long time, our trip to the island is like going abroad. We can't go abroad, we go to sea! Every night, I dream of blue and transparent waves accompanying me to sleep sweetly! Highly recommend this itinerary!
Published 53 days ago
Unbelievable this is one of the best hidden hideout in Singapore!!! Upon arrival we were warmly welcomed by the guide and crew. The trip was extremely fantastic, very flexible and kids love it too. We had a great fun days there, which obviously also added up to the experience. We will definitely returning to this hideout with friends and family. Nico is such a warm personality and highly motivated guide (recommendable!). I truly enjoyed walking the six of us through the area. The scenery was beautiful and it was a relieve to walk in such a quiet and peaceful environment. The natural bath on the end was a great way to end the tour. The atmosphere is so special that it really felt like home to all of us. All respect for Nico who does a great job there; a true sample of excellent tour guide! Many thanks again and I recommend Sibiu Guide Nico to everyone!
Rong Lun
Published 51 days ago
The ride was familiar yet must be magical for those who had experienced similar rides before as it would bring you on a time-travelling journey — indulge yourself in a reflective mood and let your relaxed mind be your Aladdin’s carpet in bringing you to many places, both within and beyond Singapore shores. (I was brought back to my fast craft-Pulau Tekong days too, as a bonus, haha). Choose a seat near the window and on a bench in the opposite direction travel. This way, you can catch a clear glimpse of the Marina Bay Skyline and marvel at how the Singapore Flyer is like a North Star — always within sight and as if reminding you that there is indeed “no other place you would rather be.” (: (In any case, please remember to bring along mozzie sprays!)
Published 41 days ago
Easy and hassle free to use! Just change for physical tickets at the ferry terminal, join the queue for wait for multiple ferries that come and go! Headed to St John Island first for walk and picnic before taking the linked road towards Lazarus island. On Lazarus island, visit the beach and had a wonderful picnic and lazed around in a tent. Took the ferry next to Kusu Island and walked around, the kids are excited to see the turtles! Headed back to ferry terminal end of day to take the ferry back to Singapore Mainland. A+++ trip!

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