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Why people love Taitung

Published 356 days ago
Great day trip itinerary~ The scenery in Taitung is so beautiful. Fortunately, there is an itinerary to buy this one-day trip. The ride between attractions and attractions is very easy~ Mr. Luo will introduce it along the way. Let us ride a ride. Next time I have a chance to play in Taitung, I will choose this itinerary again.
Published 151 days ago
It was the third day of the Lunar New Year, and there were a lot of people. Fortunately, the road at Dualiang Station is a sloping road (not stairs), and you can go up with a doll cart (although it is still very tiring, it is much less effort than carrying a child). The scenery is beautiful. And on that day, there was only our family, which is like a chartered car, which is less expensive than a chartered car (the prices of other rental cars during the Chinese New Year are all increased, and only klook did not increase the price). Because we set off early, avoided traffic jams and had plenty of time, the driver took us to Taimali Station for sightseeing (not included in the itinerary), thank him.
Published 143 days ago
There was a short message notice the day before the event, and the tour guide arrived at our homestay 15 minutes early on the day, and also called to confirm. The car is comfortable and the driver's eldest brother is also very enthusiastic to explain, almost answering all questions, and the attitude is kind and professional. Along the way, we will be asked about our willingness to modify the itinerary, and even local snacks can take us there. The schedule has ample time and is also suitable for bringing elders together. recommend!

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