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Review for: Penghu Car Rental
Published 75 days ago
This time I stayed at the hotel, the store was able to assist in the transfer to the car rental location, which was very convenient and saved the taxi money. The performance of the car is ok, and the navigation in the car also records most of the scenic spots. It is very practical~ I hope I have another chance to come to Penghu next time.
Published 40 days ago
Penghu is very fun and makes people reluctant to leave. Everyone was tired and fell asleep on the return journey, and even on the return journey, there was an illusion that the journey was not finished on the boat. On the return trip, I learned that the small typhoon was about to enter the country and the waves were getting bigger, so I could safely reach Taiwan in time. I am very grateful for the professional services provided by the ship.
Published 24 days ago
The day before the departure, I will call to inform you that it is very convenient to pick up the tickets on the spot. The boat is also very clean, and there is a certain amount of space for seats and it will not be very crowded. I am honored to have this opportunity to ride. It made me very happy when I first came to Penghu. I saw the customs of Penghu, ate the slightly sour cactus ice, and strolled around the natural scenery and cultural footprints~
Published 19 days ago
Awesome. The three stickers for the children were returned to our big locomotive, and the car was quite new, easy to ride, the staff at the counter was very kind, and the luggage was not long-winded. I also recommended us to eat food. Next time I go to Penghu, I will find Liuhe Rent a Car (Min Fudian), awesome!

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