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Penghu Water Activities 2021

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Why people love Penghu

Published 278 days ago
The new experience boating is really fun and easy! The water in Penghu is really beautiful~😍 The coaches are very good at taking pictures and super beautiful! It is worth a big push 👍🏻 But it is also a good idea to float on the sea for two hours. It is recommended to wear a one-piece long-sleeved swimsuit😄😄
Published 227 days ago
Super fun! The assembly notification will be sent the day before, and the large group and the small group will be split into two boats to play in the water! The tourists on 9/19 went into the water to play in Chengdu, it was very high! The simple meal at noon was also very delicious ❤️ The seagull feeding activity was very fun. The scenic spots were explained very carefully, and the tourists had plenty of time to take pictures! The coach and the captain are very energetic! Will be crazy to take pictures of tourists 🤣 Thank them for allowing our family to have full of photos and memories. This is the most fun day activity in our three-day and two-night Penghu tour 🤩 Next time I will participate in other activities of this boat house! ! !
Review for: Penghu Sailing
Published 226 days ago
This trip to Penghu is really special. It is very convenient to go out without too many people. The captain and sailor have a very good service attitude. You can take a lot of beautiful photos. It also provides swimming laps and floating boards. The hot sky is beautiful this time is a good experience, I will book it again next time!
Published 217 days ago
My girlfriend and I dived for the first time. Although we were very nervous, the instructor was very patient and led us carefully so that we could complete the whole activity smoothly and safely. The bottom of Penghu is really beautiful. I saw a lot of fish, sea cucumbers and big turtles, and of course there are many beautiful corals. This dive is the best memory of our entire trip to Penghu!
Published 86 days ago
Travel date: 2020/08/31 The coaches are all handsome and beautiful, and they are all enthusiastic, lively, humorous and professional. The most worthwhile trip is to snorkel with purple corals in the South Four Islands National Park. It is really super beautiful and super healing. The coaches who took our group are very professional. They took us to the place close to the coral reef to watch (you remember to relax completely Floating on the sea, because if the coach sees that you may be nervous and want to stand up, and may touch the coral reef, he will take you to a less close place for conservation!) We are lucky to see the turtles in Penghu🐢 In addition, sofa surfing and floating boards can adjust the excitement with the coach according to their own ability! Feeding the small fish to the seagulls is also very fun👍 If you don’t eat seafood for the lunch, you can ask it in advance when ordering. It is also good to replace our meal with braised chicken legs! I recommend everyone to experience it! ! !
Published 25 days ago
2021/4/12 I didn’t get to Lobster Island because of the wind and waves, and I didn’t see the seagulls flying all over the sky because of the season, but I was lucky to go out to sea. At least I saw the beauty of Peng Peng Beach and I ate Q bombs. For the lobster meat, I also saw the lobster itself. It was really worth it with the setting sun and beer 🍻. It’s the first time I played Penghu’s water activities, canoeing and SUP, and I can do it all at once. The tour guide and other service staff will help you take beautiful pictures. I personally think it’s very important, because going out is to leave beautiful things. The photo is a souvenir.

Popular Water Activities in Penghu

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