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Kenting Zoo & Aquarium 2021

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Why people love Kenting

Published 74 days ago
I temporarily joined the trip of Xiaoliuqiu, and failed to feed the sika deer in Kenting. Fortunately, there is also a sika deer park in Xiaoliuqiu. Very clean and comfortable environment, the staff is very loving, whether it is for deer or children, the deer of different personalities are managed by districts, and it is safe to bring small children to feed.
Published 30 days ago
To see the white whale in Kenting Aquarium, the itinerary is temporary, so there is no advance booking. We order on the same day and can be used directly on the same day. After purchasing the ticket online, there will be a set of barcodes, and you can change it directly at the ticket office of the Aquarium. You can get the ticket! There is no need to queue up, and the fare is discounted, which is really great!
Published 17 days ago
This time we chose the salt language boat love, sleeping in the seaweed forest area, it is recommended that you bring a jacket, because the guided tour to the penguin area at night is very cold. We all like this trip very much. The weather in April is very comfortable. Although there is sun, it is not too hot and the wind is very comfortable. The schedule is very well arranged. There will be a DIY time to sit down in the middle of the trip. You can Free to choose to do handicrafts, rest or take a bath early, and the kayak instructor, service staff or guide are very enthusiastic, making the whole trip very relaxing and comfortable

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