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Why people love Hong Kong

Published 343 days ago
Cheaper than on-site, mobile phone is convenient and fast to register via https://goo.gl/ogsN39 or enter promo code 2TX34, TWD 100 or HKD 25 equivalent discount at checkout! Enter the promo code 2TX34 to earn HKD 25 for your purchase! Sign up via https://goo.gl/ogsN39 or enter promo code 2TX34, there is TWD 100 or HKD 25 equivalent discount at checkout! Enter the promo code 2TX34 to earn HKD 25 for your purchase!
Published 185 days ago
How many times have you been to Hong Kong? On the way back, we will always use this bus service. Where staying at Novotel Nathan Very comfortable waiting for the bus Come sit and wait before the time. Observe the driver Will come on time Each bus may be small and large. Show the voucher And can sit right away The driver helps take care of the luggage.
Published 185 days ago
Most comfortable Luggage can be checked in at the airline counter at Hong Kong Station first. For those who still have time to travel in Hong Kong before going to the airport What I like most is the Michelin star Tim Ho Wan, my favorite things to eat before traveling. It is a crowded but very enjoyable shop. Sitting and squeezing together, eating with foreigners More delicious 555
Zheng Ling
Published 99 days ago
Ever since bridge connecting hong kong and macau was built, timing for ferry has decreased to 2 to 3 times a day. bridge is really convenient. however depending on where you are staying, it could be better to take the ferry. We took the bus to macau and took the ferry back to hongkong. bus is defintely faster lol. the only problem is the luggages. if u have small luggage its very convenient to take bus
Published 60 days ago
The pick up was convenient at the airport though the employee at the counter did not seem too bothered with us. I guess that is the typical service standard expected in Hong Kong. Nonetheless, the SIM card work seamlessly with no issues. This greatly saved us from getting lost and allowed us to get from Point A to Point B without issues. I do not recall there was any bad patches of reception too but we were mostly based in the city centre.
Published 21 days ago
Very recommended. Buy as you go, because I wanted to hang up my luggage earlier that day, I found out that I had to go back to the city and enter again. I had to buy a ticket and immediately searched and placed the order. The service staff was also very kind to teach and use, I recommend it 👍

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