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Why people love Hong Kong

Published 328 days ago
As soon as you enter the workshop, you can feel the fragrant chocolate flavor. There are many artworks with Hong Kong characteristics displayed here, which are worth a visit! The tour guides are kind and polite, and they are very eager to explain the trial and parent-child activities. The children have a great time 🥰
Ka Kei
Published 313 days ago
That’s right, don’t wait in line so you can get in quickly. Zhong has to buy one and get one free. It’s good. There are a lot of people who admire the red sun. If you know that there is no one to enter, you can be crazy. When you see the person you like, you can keep adding pictures~ It's so happy (*^__^*)
Ho Yeung
Published 46 days ago
I love the museum on weekdays, and I occasionally saw an online recommendation. This is the first diamond museum in Hong Kong. Located in the factory building, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, there are ten Guinness World Record-holding works inside. Moreover, the staff can explain meticulously and the guided tour itinerary smoothly, and feel at home! I also happened to meet the boss personally explain, and can communicate in real time, so that the visiting sister can understand the works and design concepts better. Achieve the brand belief: shorten the distance between diamonds and ordinary people, a good place to relax on holidays, recommend and recommend

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