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Hong Kong Indoor Activities 2021

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Why people love Hong Kong

Kar Hei
Published 292 days ago
The production process is not as difficult as imagined, because the instructor has been around to guide, small class teaching, easy to learn, the finished product is beautiful, the instructor will also teach the maintenance methods, it is worth recommending, and the available styles are much more than those seen on Klook. Super experience.
Hiu yin stephanie
Published 263 days ago
Before I called to reschedule, I already felt that the clerk was very polite. When I arrived that day, the two hair stylists helped my husband and the same son to cut them. Both of them were good. They also asked me if I could drink the wild. Hair, he taught me hair cutting and blowing skills, and waited for me to learn how to do it!
Published 234 days ago
🐷🐷🐷 Party, when the weather is not hidden, looking for indoor activities, thinking of workshops, looking for Klook, I haven’t seen "South Africa Creative Life Collage" before, book now. I tried it for the first time, and I felt very fresh and satisfied. The finished product was very satisfied! 🐷🐷🐷 There is another finished product! This time the tutor is also Tiffany. She is comfortable and patient with different students, she explains clearly, praise 👍🌟!
ka iu
Published 165 days ago
Exceeding expectations is an experience, except that Zuo Xuezhi lipstick has the same ingredients and production steps, and the entire class is full of joy. Being careful, since the instructor leads the students through every step, there is plenty of time to urge them. I feel very successful and look forward to participating in other workshops.
Yuen Yi
Published 63 days ago
It's worth recommending both activities! Before the event, the instructor Ali will talk about the history of tattoos. The introduction will use the existing tools. When everyone has a preliminary understanding, they will start to try. Ali will help guide during the process, the effect is very good 👍🏻👍🏻 In addition, the studio environment is all Well being
kim hung
Published 57 days ago
A boy rushed up, knowing that he has no talent for his hand. Hao Cai was able to order a rose under the careful guidance of his mentor, Mo. It was a sense of success. It was a good experience. If you have a chance, you will go again. Attend courses. PS Two cats (Nagao Jiji and Short-tail Lily) are so proud🤣

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