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Why people love Hong Kong

Published 186 days ago
The accommodation is very convenient. The coffee brewing body is one-to-two (for me and my roommates). The instructor is very patient and explains in detail. It is a good experience. The photo check-in point is carefully designed to understand Hong Kong’s nostalgic culture. The shared area is very quiet and free. Quite big and nice accommodation experience
Siu Lun
Published 168 days ago
Located at No. 4 Harbour Road, it is adjacent to the Hong Kong Arts Center and Grand Hyatt Hotel, and the transportation is fairly convenient. Staying in a sea view room can also enjoy the breathtaking view of Victoria Harbour, especially the brilliantly illuminated view of IFC and the Central Ferris wheel after nightfall. The room and toilet are slightly smaller, but the price of less than 1,000 yuan is worth a try. The main course of the business set meal at lunch yesterday was good with the salad, but today the American breakfast was average. The hotel staff is friendly.
Kit Yi
Published 93 days ago
One word, reach! When the car was parked in Hong Kong City, I went to CHECK IN. The staff was so polite. After completing the formalities, they sent me to the place to take the elevator. As for the room on the 22nd floor, take the elevator to the 21st floor and then go up the stairs. The room is so big (please refer to the photo), it should be the upgraded left frame house?? The view is nowhere to be seen, open the curtains and stretch your head out to see a "line" of sea view (Zhongyao is not the front view) XD The bathroom is large enough for drying, and all the supplies are available. Mao Buli said, there are face towels, hand towels and large towels. Don't wear a towel to dry the whole body. XD There is a coffee machine to return a cup of coffee, but I have no drink. There are empty bottles for you to go out to pour water and drink. Some people may worry about hygiene. Our land is OK. Environmental protection is good. You can drink as much as you want. After taking a break to the left, I went to Satay Xuan for afternoon tea, which tasted good and had enough portion. There is a lady in Satay Xuan who should be kind to her friend, and she will take the initiative to introduce me to go out to watch the sunset :) When I eat afternoon tea, I will ask you what time you want to send dinner to your room. Dinner was delivered to the room on time, the food was hot and spicy! Maybe I eat too frequently and I'm so full that I don't want to eat some dishes. XD. The second breakfast is at Cafe on the Park, but the Bak Kut Teh tastes numb. During CHECK OUT, the staff will bury the receipt for you to go to China Hong Kong City to redeem the free parking discount. Don’t wash $1200, there is a room with a big room, three meals, and 24 hours of free parking. It’s really pretty good~ The only flaw, don’t know it is because it is on the top floor, close to the computer room (?), There will be machine noises every day, morning and morning. If the environment is quiet, the rooms on the mile floor are not suitable for you~
Pui Ting
Published 45 days ago
From check in to check out are six-star enjoyment! A waiter took us to the room and gave an intimate explanation. The room is a premium sea-view room with a 100% view of Hong Kong, and you can fall asleep watching the sea-view at night. The signature bathroom is indeed well-deserved, and it is actually more shocking than the photos. During the epidemic, the care kit was also intimately sent. The dinner set at the butterfly room and the semi-buffet breakfast at HOLT'S cafe. The catering and service are also top-notch. The whole journey is full of enjoyment!
Pui Kwan
Published 35 days ago
Celebrating the children’s birthday and staying at the Gateway Hotel, the service is very good, so I had a good night. However, the staff told the gym room and play room to go to the quarantine Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel to enjoy, but when I went there, I was told that the play room could only be enjoyed by staying in the hotel, so I went for nothing. (Gym room is indeed available)
Published 23 days ago
Check in went well, upgrade room, did not choose round bathtub because the window is relatively thin, and another room opens with sea view! All the staff are good service attitude! The hotel is clean and tidy! A few foods are enough for afternoon tea! Cocktail hour starts at 6 o'clock, not too much Choose but we don’t care about a cup or two anyway! Dinner buffet is generally no surprise. Wagyu is just a small piece of sushi. On the contrary, breakfast is very good! Cappuccino very good! Lady captain very good service, the most fascinating is that the beautiful Hong Kong sea view is very wide, eating and watching! Very happy!

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