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Why people love Taipei

Published 199 days ago
You only need to go to the counter to exchange tickets in the Chiayi South National Palace. It is quite convenient. Although there are many exhibition rooms in Taipei’s National Palace Museum, it is good to see different cultural relics. The surrounding area is very large and suitable for walking. There is also a children’s hall. A good place for parents and children.
Published 122 days ago
Tickets can be used immediately after purchase; the museum has a small space, and the exhibits are still rich. The details of the miniature artworks are all made. The small organ of the Phantom of the Opera is even more surprising. If you don’t know how to go in Taipei Wherever possible, you can set aside a little time to visit here, and it will take about 30-40 minutes.
Published 65 days ago
The gold panning experience is 120 yuan. The children find it novel and interesting. The museum is large and comfortable, and you can stroll around for a long time. No tickets are required for the New Taipei Citizens Voucher. We didn’t notice that we still bought tickets to enter the venue, but I still think it’s worth it
Published 31 days ago
Buy it now and use the QR code immediately. It is a good choice to purchase tickets for the theme exhibition. You can purchase additional tickets at the ticket booth for other theaters or special exhibitions. It is recommended to enter the venue at the entrance of 3F. Scan the QR code to change the coupon quickly, so you can avoid the crowds at the ticket gate on the 1F.
Published 30 days ago
Take a trip to Taiwan to see the art museum. The warm weather is so comfortable. There are many places for parent-child interaction in the park. We went through the barriers with the guide teacher and listened to the explanation. The most impressive thing is the zipper lotus. I like this place very much👍
Published 15 days ago
Hurry up while Xiaobao was 3 years old. The two children were very happy. The elder and sister inside were also very kind. The facilities made the children feel full of freshness. They also helped Dabao sign up for morning and afternoon classes, making biscuits and cloud bubbles. Paozuohua entered as soon as the door opened at 10:00 in the morning, and did not leave until 3:30 in the afternoon. The children had a great time playing, and if there is a chance, they will be in the past^_^

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