10 Universal Studios Japan Souvenirs You Need To Bring Home

Klook Team
Klook Team
Last updated 14 Mar 2020
universal studios japan souvenirs

Only available at Universal Studios Japan!

No trip to a theme park is complete without a stop at the souvenir shop! There’s just something about bringing home a piece of Universal Studios Japan (USJ) with you in any shape or form. With so much to see and so little time, we’ve rounded up some of the park’s most exclusive merchandise you cannot leave without.
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Ready for some USJ retail therapy?

Redeeming your USJ shopping voucher

Before you head into Universal Studios Japan for a full day of fun, do remember to pick up your shopping voucher first! To do this, you will need to head to Beverly Hills Gifts Store (Hollywood Area) located within USJ itself.
Beverly Hills Gifts Store
Address: Beverly Hills Gifts Store (Hollywood Area)
Opening Hours: Daily 9m to 8pm
The voucher can only be used at any non-food store or shopping area in USJ. You can refer to the official website of Universal Studios Japan for store information.

1. Assorted Headbands

No matter how many headbands you have at home, it’s practically a must to grab yourself a pair whenever you visit USJ! There’s a wide array of different designs to choose from including the likes of Snoopy, Sesame Street characters, Minions and even Jaws related pieces. With so much variety, it’s tough picking favourites!
Location: All around the park

2. Chocolate Frogs

If you’re a follower of the Harry Potter book series, you’ll know that Chocolate Frogs rank high on the list of favourite snacks at Hogwarts. We’re not quite sure how these taste in comparison, but every Harry Potter fan certainly deserves a piece of their own!
Apart from Chocolate Frogs, Honeydukes also offers a wide range of Harry Potter-centred snacks such as Every Flavour Beans, Fizzing Whizzbees and Butterbeer Gummies. Got to try them all!
Price: JPY 1,200 (~SGD $15.02) Location: Honeydukes Shop in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

3. Assorted Cup Noodles

Trust USJ to come up with the cutest cup noodles ever – they look almost too cute to eat! From Snoopy to Minion instant noodles, who knows what other adorable designs USJ will think of next?
Price: JPY 1,000-1,500 (SGD $12.51-SGD $15.02) Location: Universal Studios Store

4. Hogwarts Uniforms

Immerse yourself in the spirit of Diagon Alley and grab yourself some Hogwarts robes and scarf when at USJ. Pick your colors from one of the four Hogwarts houses and get ready to feel right at home in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!
Price: Hogwarts Robe (JPY 14,000, ~ SGD $175.19) | Hogwarts Scarf (JPY 4,800, ~ SGD $44.09) Location: Dervish and Banges, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

5. Exclusive T-Shirts

If you see a t-shirt you like, better grab it quick because you’ll never see the same t-shirt design twice! USJ releases exclusive t-shirt prints every season, like these summer-themed minion t-shirts with pineapples and flower garlands!
Location: Studio Gifts

6. Minion Snack Buckets

You might have seen many people carrying Minion-themed popcorn buckets around the park, but did you know they come with sweets and biscuits too?
These Minions also undergo multiple wardrobe changes throughout the year. From being dressed in their typical denim overalls to exclusive outfits like this Halloween-themed Frankenstein get-up, it’s hard to resist these adorable little things whenever you visit USJ!
Location: Sweet Surrender in Minion Park

7. Wizarding Wands from Ollivander’s

How can one be a true wizard without a wand? At USJ, you can get your hands on two different types of wands – a regular wand, and a Magical Wand – and you can get both at Ollivander’s!
The Magical Wand gives the wielder the ability to cast magic at different spots throughout the park! Discover these places with the Wand Magic Map!
Location: Ollivander’s at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

8. Limited edition plush toys

Who can forget soft and cuddly plush toys you can hug all throughout your day at USJ? From Minions to Hedwig, there’s tons of plush toys of all shapes and sizes just waiting for you to bring them home with you.
Location: Fun Store at Minion Park, Universal Studios Store

9. Themed Accessories

Universal Cool Japan is an annual three-month program at USJ featuring tie-ups with major influences in Japanese pop culture such as Attack on Titan, Conan, Godzilla and most recently Sailor Moon! This is typically held during the first half of each year.
For those who prefer a more subtle souvenir of your time at USJ, you can consider little trinkets like these Sailor Moon accessories! Necklaces, pins and hair slides are the best way to profess your love for your favourite cartoon characters without going too overboard.
Location: Universal Studios Store

10. Stationery

Be the coolest person in school or office with exclusive stationery available in sets or as individual pieces! Popular favourites include a pen in the shape of a Nimbus 2000 from the Harry Potter franchise and these LED Minion pens that “chuckle” and light up when you press a button!


An amazing world awaits at Universal Studios Japan – and the rest of Japan as well! Explore the best of Osaka with this list of essentials while you’re here in Osaka, Japan.