Rare Snow Falls On Cherry Blossoms In Japan

Malcolm Koh
31 Mar 2020
Cherry Blossoms in Winter Wonderland Cover

A rare sight to behold as snow fell on cherry blossoms in Tokyo

It may already be spring with cherry blossoms in full bloom in Tokyo, but a rare morning of snow turned the traditional spring festival into a winter wonderland. This spectacle took place on 29 March 2020, and according to the Japan Meteorological Agency, something like this last took place some 32 years ago.
Tokyo Cherry Blossom with Snow
Despite the beauty of it all, there were no crowds along the streets as locals and visitors alike heeded the government's request to stay indoors to contain the spread of COVID-19. Nonetheless, those who still took to the streets shared this beautiful sight to behold.

Meguro River, Tokyo

Tokyo’s Meguro River is one of Japan’s most famous cherry blossom spots. It's easy to see why when there are some 800 cherry trees lining the river.
Tokyo Cherry Blossom Snow 2
Photo by @waygaijin
Cherry Blossom in Snow Meguro River
Photo by @kctokyo

Around Japan

Cherry Blossom in Snow Tokyo
Photo by Tomo Honda
Cherry Blossom covered in Snow Tokyo
Photo by Tomo Honda
Cherry Blossom in Snow Tokyo 5
Cherry Blossoms in Snow Japan
Photo by @furupeso_28
Cherry Blossoms in Snow Tokyo 6
We also found a video that captures the beauty of it all in 4K glory. And we promise it's well worth 6 minutes of your time!
Cherry Blossoms in the Snow by Discover Nippon

Here's more Cherry Blossoms to feast your eyes on!

Cover photos by @tokyovisite & @flowerpotflower