7 Work From Home Tips To Improve Your Productivity At Home

Brandon Loo
11 Jun 2020
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Stay productive while working from home with these work from home tips!

With COVID-19 Circuit Breaker measures fully in place, most of us will be finding ourselves working from home for the next month or so. This means the daily struggle of traversing the lines between your desk and bed, your desk and kitchen, and for lucky parents out there, your child and maybe your other child.
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You may find it a little hard to keep your productivity level up with distractions at every corner of your home, but we’ve got some handy tips to help keep you motivated and focused throughout the day! 

1. Create your personal workspace 

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Like how some people have optimum times of the day when they’re most creative, the same can be said with their workspaces. Be it by the window or even in a corner of the room, you work best when you’re most comfortable! And if you haven’t already found a spot, it’s definitely worth the effort to set one up for the month ahead!
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Find that space in your house and let your family members or roommates know that when you’re there, you’re looking to get some solid work done, keeping interactions to a minimum unless it’s important.

2. Put away any potential distractions

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With a designated workspace in place, look at ways to make it more conducive for yourself. Clear ‘stuff’ that you know would definitely distract you and only include the essentials that you need for your workflow.
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Set the perfect mood for focusing by including a scented candle or even some greenery in the form of table plants to help with concentration!

3. Create a schedule for your day

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Breaking your day down and setting routines would be a great help in balancing your workflow, especially when you’re at home and have the freedom to go along your day at your own pace. Take some time to plan out your day in the morning or the night before, and remember to add in some breaks to refresh yourself mentally and physically. 
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You can create your list on your handy notebook, or with one of the many scheduling apps that helps make our lives that much easier. Here are some apps we recommend! 

4. Tackle daily chores together with the family

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You probably won’t be the only one in the house, and with everyone at home at the same time that means chores, preparing meals or even taking care of the kids. Although they’re not really urgent, these tasks would surely creep up on you at some point, thus disrupting your flow. 
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A good tip is to plan around these inevitable tasks that can be controlled. Based on when you, your family members or partners are most productive, create a schedule around that and assign tasks to different people. Remember to switch up the rotation too!
To save time on meal prep, try takeout services every now and then to support your local hawker or those in the F&B industry who are badly hit in these trying times. Remember to wear a mask and bring your own reusable containers if you decide to venture out to tabao.

5. Take stretch breaks in-between

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While talking about productivity is key in this article, we still need to take a break in between long stretches of work! Depending on your choice of workspace, you may often be found slouching or in some incredible yoga-like posture (we’ve all been there). 
However, the most comfortable positions might not always be the best for your body, where being in those positions for long periods of time might lead to aches and pains in your body. Dedicate short blocks of 10 minutes throughout the day for some basic stretches.

6. Listen to a playlist that helps you concentrate

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As studies show, music is a powerful tool! It can move us, evoke emotions and in this case, boost our focus and concentration. Be it classical, coffee house tunes or even your favourite jams, find a playlist that suits your type of work and let it play in the background as you continue on your tasks. 
You can also tune in to some podcasts as you start your day or even during your stretch breaks to set your mind and get that motivation to own the day! 

7. Disconnect at the end of the workday

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The best part about working from home is that you’re actually in your own home! But this could be a double-edged sword too, if you don’t set some boundaries. While being home the whole day, there isn’t a trigger like leaving your office to tell you that you’re off work. 
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Set a time and when you’re done for the day, remember to turn everything off and put aside your work tools! You can take a break at your nearby park and get some fresh air. Just make sure to check NEA’s interactive map beforehand and remember to keep a safe distance from others. 
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