5 Simple Ways To Brew Coffee At Home

Brandon Loo
Brandon Loo
19 May 2020

A quick guide to manually brewing delicious coffee

Whether you are a coffee aficionado who’s been to every other cafe around the island or a true blue Singaporean kopi lover, you can’t deny that the best way to start the day is with a fragrant cup of coffee!
If you’re the kind of person who drinks at least a cup of coffee a day, learning how to manually brew your coffee might just be the best skill to pick up during this Circuit Breaker period. Not the instant kind, but with different types of brewing methods that you can alter to suit your taste for coffee.
Read on for our simple guide to get started on your journey to brewing a good cuppa!

It starts with the coffee beans

Much like how the taste of wine differs depending on where it is produced, the same goes for coffee. With the 3 major coffee bean producing regions being Africa, South America and Asia. 
While choosing your beans, also look out if they are blends or single origin. With bends being a mix of beans from different continents and single origin being beans from a single region.
In a nutshell:
  • Blends - Better for coffee with milk
  • Single Origin - Better for black coffee
Finally, the range of roasting your coffee beans will also affect the aroma, taste and colour of your coffee. Different roast types compliment different brew methods too! 

Getting coffee beans & brewing equipment in Singapore

You can get coffee beans from local roasters or cafes that provide delivery services. From simple drip filters to Moka pots that would give you your daily espresso fix, there is a range of equipment that can be used to brew your coffee, and they can be easily found online too!
If you’re looking for a quick coffee fix

1. Pour Over

Video by Kurasu Kyoto
One of the oldest, cheapest and fastest coffee brewing methods, roughly 3 minutes is all you need for a perfect cup of drip coffee. Popular amongst coffee lovers, when properly brewed, drip coffee will boast the best flavours the beans have to offer. 
Popular types of pour over filters include: Hario V60, Melitta, and Kalita Wave
  • Type of Roast - Light 
  • Bean Grind Size - Medium-fine to coarse
  • Brewing Time - 1-3 Minutes
  • Flavour Profile - Smooth, round body
  • Filter - Each type of filter requires a different type of filter paper that matches its cone

2. French Press

Simple to use, elegant to the look, and it’s even able to extract all of the complex flavours from your coffee beans. The French Press is your go-to method if you’re looking for a relatively quick brew time with rich flavours for your coffee.
  • Type of Roast - Medium/dark
  • Bean Grind Size - Coarse
  • Brewing Time - 4 Minutes
  • Flavour Profile - Pure, clean flavour nuances that are complex and robust body
  • Filter - Comes together with the set as a plunger

3. Cold Brew

Instead of using hot water to extract the flavours from the coffee beans, cold brews are made using cold water and it is left to steep overnight. Resulting in a really concentrated brew. Perfect for the incoming heat waves, prepare your cold brew the night before and you’ll be able to enjoy a cold glass of coffee the next day!
  • Type of Roast - Medium/dark
  • Bean Grind Size - Coarse
  • Brewing Time - 12 Hours or overnight
  • Flavour Profile - Sweet, mild, not so acidic
  • Filter - There are specific cold brewing equipment available but you can also use a French Press or even a cheesecloth if available

4. Moka Pot

Video by ChefSteps 
This is the affordable alternative to having your espresso fix without an espresso machine at home. Using the pressure that is built up by ‘cooking’ your coffee over the stove, you’ll end up with a brew that is 90% similar to an espresso shot.
  • Type of Roast - Dark
  • Bean Grind Size - Fine to medium coarse
  • Brewing Time - 5 minutes
  • Flavour Profile - Strong and can be bitter
  • Filter - Comes together with the set 

5. AeroPress

One of the newest brewing methods on this list, the AeroPress uses pressure and a reverse plunge system to extract the best flavours from your coffee. This method has the fastest brewing time, giving you an espresso-styled brew in around 2 minutes!
  • Type of Roast - Medium/dark
  • Bean Grind Size - Fine to medium
  • Brewing Time - 1-2 Minutes
  • Flavour Profile - Sweet, full-bodied
  • Filter - the AeroPress requires micro paper filters

Try your hand at making other types of coffee!

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