Getting To The Hollywood Sign In The Fastest, Most Fuss-Free Way

14 Mar 2020
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The easiest way to see the Hollywood Sign from different angles!

If you’re headed to Los Angeles, California, chances are the Hollywood Sign is firmly on your list of things to do. A quick search on Google will reveal multiple confusing ways to get to the sign, and plotting it on Google Maps will simply lead you to Griffith Observatory instead.
Here’s what you’ll need to know if you’re planning to capture some shots with the sign yourself. Read till the end to find out how you can save up to $70 off your trip to the US!

The Hollywood Hills situation

Picture of Hollywood Hills
When you’re living in the vicinity of one of the USA’s most photographed landmarks, it can be tiring dealing with lost tourists stumbling into your property on a daily basis. As a result, there are no clear directions to the Hollywood Sign – some residents have even taken to putting up misleading signs indicating road closures where there are none.
Driving to the sign is also not recommended given the narrow and steep roads that can barely accommodate two cars comfortably. Don’t forget Hollywood Hills is a residential area, so there are often cars parked outside properties that make whatever space available even smaller. Also, as you’ve already found out, searching “Hollywood Sign” on Google Maps will lead you to Griffith instead and nowhere near your intended destination.
Therefore it’s important to find a safe, clear route to the top that won’t have you trespassing on anyone’s property.

Getting to the Hollywood Sign

After poring through numerous accounts of the “easiest” or “best” ways to get to the Hollywood Sign, we finally found one that was 100% legit!
The route starts from Lake Hollywood Park (where you can already see the Hollywood Sign) followed by a relatively easy 1.77km walk to the top with photo stops along the way.
Google Map path to the Hollywood Sign
Without stopping, the walk should take you approximately 30 minutes.
Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Before you begin

  • Visit the restroom
    There are no toilets available in the vicinity of the Hollywood Sign so we strongly recommend emptying your bladder before you begin.
  • Bring along some water
    There aren’t any water points along the way so it’s a good idea to keep some with you especially if you’re visiting in the Summer.
  • Open the Google Maps app on your phone
    It’s good to have your Google Maps open to keep track of where you are since the road signs may not be immediately visible. You won’t need to key in any specific street names or addresses as these may bring you to a different point in the road and create confusion.

Starting the hike

1. Drive or book a rideshare to Lake Hollywood Park
Lake Hollywood Park sign
Start by heading to Lake Hollywood Park. You can already get some pretty decent shots from here, but be prepared to have many others photo-bombing your photos, especially during peak periods.
Picture of the Hollywood Sign from Lake Hollywood Park
Do be warned – the parking wardens here are extremely strict. We were scolded for alighting just off the sidewalk and we later saw the same warden writing tickets for people who had one car tyre on the line. That parking warden could’ve been having a bad day, but better to be safe than sorry and observe all parking rules!
2. Follow the path along Mulholland Highway
Mulholland Highway path to the Hollywood Sign
Facing the Lake Hollywood Park sign, turn right and follow the walkway up the hill.
Photograph with the Hollywood Sign along Mulholland
Taking a photo with the Hollywood Sign
Some ways down the walkway you’ll come across a sandy bank with another photo spot! There’s even a rock you can stand on (at your own risk) for a different view.
3. Continue on to Durand Drive
From here on out you will enter into the narrow winding roads of the Hollywood Hills residential estate, so do be careful when making turns and watch out for blind spots and cars! It’s always a good idea to stick close to the sidewalk and walk against the traffic flow so you can spot an oncoming vehicle.
4. Turn right onto Heather Drive
We found it hard to spot the sign for Heather Drive so be sure to check against your map when turning down this lane. Some pathways are also not immediately obvious, so having a map open will be of useful help.
5. Continue on to Ledgewood Drive down Rockcliff Drive, then Deronda Drive
Continue following the path towards Deronda Drive. Watch for oncoming traffic and narrow turns!
6. At Mulholland & Deronda
Map of Mulholland and Deronda
At the intersection of Mulholland Highway and Deronda Drive, a point labelled “Hollywood Sign view point” is clearly visible on your Google map.
Here you will find a white wall with a turquoise gate.
7. Arrive at a white wall with blue gates with the number 6610
Picture with the Hollywood Sign
There you have it! Your own view of the Hollywood sign without any houses or people in the background!

Fuss-free way to the Hollywood Sign

If you prefer to join a guided trek or tour to the Hollywood Sign, Klook offers a short 3 hour tour starting from Lake Hollywood Park! Simply grab a rideshare to the meeting point.