10 Free No Equipment Workouts By Local Studios To Get Quaran-thin This Circuit Breaker

Noelle Ong
free online workout singapore

Free Online Workouts By Singapore Fitness Studios

You have no excuses! All you need is working internet connection and a willingness to move. This circuit breaker period, many of your favourite Singaporean workout studios like Ground Zero, Crubox and Haus Athletics have posted simple equipment-free workouts you can do at home. 

Who else is coming out of this circuit breaker looking quaran-thin! 

Workout tips

  • Get dressed and ready to sweat 

  • Have a water bottle on standby for hydration and to double up as a weight

  • Set up a workout virtual date with your friends! 

1.Boom Singapore

Boom Singapore is a boutique fitness studio that offers boxing and HIIT workouts and since we can’t head out to attend their killer classes, they’ve taken them online! You can tune in to their Instagram live workouts or revisit the ones posted on the IGTV daily for a different workout. 

 Their Boom Box and Boom Camp workouts will have you dripping sweat on your mats. 

2. Ballet Body

Want something more graceful? Ballet Body offers barre classes taught by ex-professional ballet dancers! If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a ballet dancer, it’s the perfect time to find out. They have IG Live classes for you to get a taste of what their classes are about and you can then choose to purchase their online classes when you’re hooked! 

3. Ground Zero 

If you’ve been for a Ground Zero resistance class, their online workouts are similar! Get ready for killer workouts that push you to the limit, not just physically but mentally as well. You’ll want to give up after all those burpees but no pain no gain right? 

4. Barry’s

Turn your living room into the famous Barry’s red room with their Barry’s At Home workout! These IG Live sessions will only last for 24 hours after their live sessions o if you’re can’t tune in live you can still do the workout. Be sure to check out their Instagram profiles for the schedule. 

Miss the treadmill and floor combo? You can always head out for a quick run around the neighbourhood in between sets! 

5. Crucycle

Crucycle or Crubox is a favourite amongst many for their pulsating workouts, with classes often fully booked especially on the weekends. Well now, you get to work out with their Wolf Pack for free with their Cru at Home workouts! 

Guaranteed to leave you hot and sweaty, these circuit workouts will help you shed off those extra snacks. 

6. Jyan Yoga Studio

Jyan Yoga Studio is offering donation-based virtual IG Live yoga classes so if you have the capabilities to, do support them! The IG Live sessions are 1 hour long and they are conducted daily so get into those yoga tights and set up your mats. An hour on the mat will help you destress for sure! 

7. Pure Yoga

Pure Yoga is offering live daily yoga classes and cardio sessions on their Instagram page and these videos will later be uploaded onto their Youtube channel. After sitting in front of your screens the whole day, there’s no better way to wind down than an hour of stretches on the mat. 

8. Bbounce Studios

Setting aside 1 hour to workout might seem like a long time, especially if you’re not a frequent gym-goer. Bbounce Studios has 10-minute express workouts that really leave you with no excuses. You can find all their workouts over on the IGTV. 

The core attack sessions will turn your CB flabs into abs! 

9. Box Office Fitness

Need to release some pent up tension from not going outdoors? Box Office Fitness has incorporated boxing-inspired moves for you to punch out your frustrations. Join the IGTV workouts and box to the beat of your favourite tunes. 

10. Haus Athletics 

If you’re looking for easy and straightforward HIIT movements that will leave you out of breath and sweaty, Haus Athletics has just that. Their 4 move HIIT workouts might look simple but the entire circuit will work those muscles hard! 

Bonus: Centr

Working out with Thor? Count us in! Even if you’re not looking to break a sweat, just watching Chris Hemsworth work out on Centr is a great Circuit Breaker entertainment.