Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon and Glass Bridge Tickets

See a breathtaking valley full of wonders
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  • Get tickets to see Zhangjiajie's famous Grand Canyon and the dazzling Glass Bridge!
  • The Grand Canyon has many beautiful little attractions, such as the Bandit Cave, One Line Sky, and more!
  • Walk along the Glass Bridge that stretches between two dramatic cliffs, 300 meters above the canyon floor!
  • While you're walking on the bridge you can see all the way down to the bottom of the canyon!
  • Experience the natural wonders, beauty, and fresh air of the Canyon and the surrounding area

What to expect

Get your tickets to the splendid Grand Canyon of Zhangjiajie, one of the most gorgeous natural spectacles in the entire region, and the world-famous Glass Bridge. This glorious canyon, filled with emerald foliage and very much unlike America's Grand Canyon, is a natural wonder, with dense trees, waterfalls, and a splendid emerald river flowing beneath. In order to truly appreciate the beauty of this canyon, you have to brave its renowned Glass Bridge. Built with 99 sheets of glass and raised 985 feet from the bottom, it's like flying over this glorious natural beauty all around you. Around the canyon are multiple sights that you shouldn't miss: The Butterfly Spring Waterfall, Swallow Cliff, and the Barrel Cliff. Don't forget to see the Sky Ladder Plank Road, a narrow single-person pathway that tests your courage as you hang on to see the heights below. It's a glorious experience in Zhangjiajie's most beautiful nature areas.

glass bridge
Walk over the Zhangjiajie's Glass Bridge and be in awe of the scenic views
glass bridge
At 300 meters above the water, this bridge in itself is a test of courage
glass bridge
See the glorious panorama of the beautiful Grand Canyon around you
glass bridge
Have a thrilling and mesmerizing experience at the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge!

Things to note

Insider Tips

  • Book the ticket of Baofeng Lake, see majestic waterfalls that seem to pour out of the mountainside and enjoy the fresh air
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