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Chimelong Water Park Ticket in Guangzhou

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  • Enjoy a day in one of the world's most renowed waterparks, Chimelong Water Park
  • Try out incredible star attractions, state of the art equipment and systems for water and amusement
  • Slip down dozens of slides, splash into wave pools, and then see shows and performances right inside the park
  • This 450-acre multi-award winning park has so many attractions that visitors of all ages can have a great time!
  • Be assured of your safety with world-leading water sanitation systems as well as certified lifeguards

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9月起订【7日内畅玩】长隆水上乐园 + 欢乐世界特惠全票


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What to expect

In the heat of the summer, there's no better way to cool off than to head out with family and friends to a world-renowned waterpark such as Guangzhou's Chimelong Water Park. A TripAdvisor Tourist Attraction of Choice, ranked as one of the 20 Best Waterparks in the World and full of numerous industry-leading star attractions, this 450-acre waterworld has something for everyone to enjoy. Chock full of industry-leading star attractions, from the Aloha Village and its Extreme Rivers, the Tornado, the Behemoth Bowl, and an immense Kids Aqua Plaza, there is so much to see and enjoy throughout the day. Don't miss any of the shows in the park as well, such as the Aquatic Flying Trapeze, the Family Water Fun Carnival, the Surf Music Festival. There's a blend of events and activities that allows its visitors to interact and be entertained, making it an all around amusement excursion every time you visit. State of the art equipment and structures, the park also has industry-leading ozone water treatment systems that make sure the water you're swimming in is safe and free of viruses. A strong team of certified lifeguards oversee the entire park, so you can be assured of the safety of your friends and family. It's the perfect trip out especially in the summer: go wild on a whole day exploring the park, trying out the many slides, rides, and activities in one of the finest waterparks in the world!

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