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What people are saying about Night Tours in Kuala Lumpur

Anna Published 722 days ago
We had an excellent experience with the lovely Muhammad Faisal from Ivy Holidays and would highly recommend them! We were picked up from our hotel at 9am and first went to a Batik Gallery (we had the option of the Batu Caves as standard with the package but we had already been there ourselves another day) where we saw beautiful handcrafted designs and bought some scarves, sarongs, decorative images and more. We then drove to the Deerland which was a mini zoo where the highlight was the deer and reindeer who we could feed with sweet potato provided by the staff. Meeting real life Bambis was an amazing experience. After this we went to the Elephant Sanctuary and had lunch (all included) before watching a video about how they conserve the endangered Elephants. We then proceeded to the highlight of the day which was feeding, stroking and engaging with the elephants from babies to medium sized females to giant males. After the Elephant Sanctuary we had a brief stop where we saw the rubber trees and then we went towards Selangor for the Fireflies Boat Trip. Before this we went for a fresh seafood dinner (all included) and then to meet and feed Silver Leaf Monkeys. These are much tamer than the wild monkeys and would hug people etc. Finally we went for the canoe boat ride to see the spectacular fireflies in the mangrove trees. The views were amazing and they fireflies were like Christmas Tree Lights. As a final stop before returning to our hotel we visited a famous and stunning Hindu temple. All in all it was a great experience and we highly recommend Ivy Holidays! The vehicle was very comfortable and Muhammad was lovely, engaging and very funny - the life and soul of the trip and one of the best guides we’ve ever had out of any country we’ve visited (out of 80+)! We would recommend you request him if you can! The Elephant Sanctuary and Fireflies Tour combination is a great package (excellent value compared to other tours and offered far more in one package) and a great way to spend a day outside of Kuala Lumpur and see the beautiful nearby countryside. Overall, it was an excellent 5+ star experience and you‘ll be in for a great time if you book it!
Tuan Huy Published 748 days ago
The city lights of Kuala Lumpur was indeed a tour worth doing. With the humid weather in KL it is definitely refreshing to sit atop the hop on hop off bus to cool off while exploring the city at night and learning about KL with the tour guide's commentaries. There were short photo stops along the way to capture landmarks such as the petrona twin towers, king's palace and KL tower. Our guide and driver was friendly and we did not feel rushed at any point in time. The tour had also endes right on time allowing time to either explore bukit bintang or simply head back to our respective hotels. Fabulous tour!
Ranilo Published 751 days ago
service where you get to disembark and spend more time at certain areas within the city throughout the entire duration of the excursion. Operating at 20-minute intervals daily between 09:00 and 20:00, there are 23 designated stops near more than 40 attractions throughout Kuala Lumpur. The double-decker tour bus is equipped with such facilities as on-board commentary in English for each of the attractions and complimentary Wi-Fi, making it one of the most convenient tours around. The bottom deck is fully air-conditioned, while the top deck is divided into an air-conditioned and an open-air section that’s ideal for cooler days.
Taufan Published 801 days ago
Really recommended !! Night trip around Kuala Lumpur for 2 hours, photos against the city lights and KL iconic building. The tour guide is also very good, tells the history of each iconic place in KL ... mandatory travel for travelers who like night trips. Don't forget to bring a selfie stick and also have dinner before at Alor Street, which is close to where you started
Ting Published 848 days ago
The first area we visited were the streets of Chinatown, but since there were no stops at this location we did not take pictures. However, it did inspire us to visit Chinatown which we did the following day. We then made our way to the Sultan's Istana in KL, which was extremely grand. Entry to the interior of the Istana was not permitted, but we were allowed to go all the way to the front of the gate to take pictures. The gate was beautifully lit up with bright lights and was a grand sight to behold. The bus stopped for 5 minutes, which was plenty of time to take the pictures we wanted. Our bus also drove us to Independence Square, where supposedly the tallest flagpole in the world is located, flying the Malaysian flag. Directly opposite was an old textile factory. We also drove past an old, decommissioned train station (very picturesque), visited the Petronas Twin Towers, the Menara Kuala Lumpur as well as the KL Bird Park. Along the way, commentary with bits of historical information and trivia were provided by the friendly tour guide. The sights of the city while we rode by were also very beautiful. For a cheap price, this was definitely a very enjoyable sightseeing trip, although it took slightly over 2 hours due to bad traffic. I personally feel you should take the tour, it is quite a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience in my opinion.
Karla Published 867 days ago
I love seeing Kuala Lumpur At night, you can appreciate all the lights on the Twin towers and KL Tower. They are like jewels of the night. All of us enjoyed the tour especially at KLCC area and royal palace. Even though it drizzle that night it just added to the charms of Kuala Lumpur. The tour will give you insights of KL and the tour guide was very informative.

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