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What people are saying about History Tours in Yilan

SHIANG LING Published 40 days ago
This trip to Guishan Island was sunny, sunny and sunny. There were 19 people in the whole group on the 401 highland. The boat traveled smoothly on the Wushi Legend Yacht. There was no seasickness or vomiting. The magnificent Milky Lake landscape was super beautiful when I went around the island. , I also smelled a strong smell of sulfur; after landing on the island, I began to climb the mountain. There are 1706 steps, which is very physical. My husband and I spent more than two hours on the summit. Our clothes were soaked and we saw that it was worth the fare. The beauty of the city, I was completely exhausted in an instant. This time, because there are not many members, it is really lucky to be able to take pictures! After going down the mountain, the tour guide led a group to go around Gumi Lake and explain the various plants and ecology in it, which was quite lively and interesting; finally, I visited the excavated by the national army Military tunnels, as if you have come to a time tunnel...it is lingering!! Everyone was exhausted on the return trip, and their legs were still shaking! This is a worthwhile trip, and it is recommended for those who have not been. Go!
huachun Published 212 days ago
The check-in area was very conspicuous, and we saw it after we parked the car. There are toilets on the boat, each with a life jacket, and the boat is completely clean. After landing on the island, the tour guide Ms. Huang gave a very detailed explanation, showing everyone the history and natural landscape of Guishan Island. There are toilets near the check-in area at Wushi Port, and there are also 2 toilets on the island (one Guishan Elementary School and one near the pier). There is no toilet on the 401 high ground, it is recommended to go to the mountain first. The boat trip takes about 20 minutes to Guishan Island, and we have taken seasickness medicine in advance. There is no food on the island, so you have to bring your own water and food. We bring bread and rice balls. If you have the strength to climb the mountain, you should be able to cope with it. Climbing to the top of the mountain is really beautiful (take a bunch of photos). The fly in the ointment is that even if there is a tour guide, the itinerary is still very long. We have been on the island for nearly 5 hours. In fact, it only took 2 hours to climb the mountain.
Ying Li Published 317 days ago
The whole journey was quiet as the operators do their best to locate the dolphins. After almost 2 hours of wandering on the sea in vain, we began to steer back to shore. The coast line is within sight and it is at this moment the radios starts to receive signals and the operator quickly steer the boat back to where the dolphins were sighted. I’m glad the whole journey ended with a beautiful school of playful dolphins. Will highly recommend this but just keep in mind that dolphins sighting is not guaranteed as we almost went back empty-handed.
Fang Ling Published 382 days ago
Landing on the island & surrounding Guishan Island & 401 highland summit (weekends and peak season weekdays): 1,500 yuan is recommended for this full-day itinerary, from 8:00 to 14:30. Climbing up to 401 Heights, an average of 1700 steps of artificial stairs climbed 45 degrees or more. In addition to the 360-degree panoramic view on the top of the mountain, there are only two outlooks on the trail. It is a bit boring and tiring to climb up, but it is still very shady and very happy ???? Gumi The lake is quiet and quiet, and the reflection in the lake is beautiful. Walk around the lake with the pro-lake pavilion for a comfortable and comfortable walk. The eight sceneries of Guishan and the anecdotal evolution make people think that this is a spirit turtle, with its natural beauty that cannot be destroyed and changed by humans. The team leader, Wu Zongxian, is a mountaineering expert, and he enthusiastically guides the whole journey. It covers geography, humanities, history, ecology, and can be interspersed with special local children's play, and beautiful photos of self-photos are eye-catching. It is a very high-quality guide. The Klook itinerary is the largest and most comfortable cruise to and from Guishan Island. In addition to the quality of the tour and the planning of the island’s movement, Klook is highly recommended for this itinerary. There are also various itineraries and travel-related things for purchase on the KLOOK platform. The KLOOK APP makes it very convenient to order and manage itineraries.
YUQIN Published 389 days ago
It is a perfect journey. Although the weather was kind of awful, however, it is lucky that our boat saw lots of dolphins during the trip. Additionally, the tour guide was nice and he shared some stories about the fishing family traditions, which made us surprise. To sum up, it was a fantastic trip and I think it worth to be highly recommended.
Hong Ting Published 417 days ago
We bought the itinerary for departure at 0900 am. I was afraid that the children didn’t want to climb, so we didn’t buy the 401 highland check-in. The blue and white tent area on the side of the road opposite Lambow Shishi station (easy to find). The check-in lady was very kind and gave us four. A dolphin-shaped key ring is used as a souvenir and enthusiastically reminded the place where you can park. The boat will leave the port at about 0910 am and arrive at Guishan Island after sailing for 30 minutes and proceed around the island (about 50 minutes) (2 places on the island have toilets) Thank you for your assistance After getting on and off the boat and maintaining order by the policeman, go on board and go around the north to east of Guishan Island to watch the coastal scenery (including commentary, the boat provides canned ice water and room temperature water) to the east (northeast?) of Guishan Island and enter to watch whales and dolphins In the sea area, I was lucky enough to meet the whales and dolphins. After bidding farewell to the whales and dolphins, watch the Milky Way, and then return to the south of Guishan Island at about 12:45 pm. The journey back to Wushih Harbor is quite pleasant, but you can see It really depends on how many things you get, and the enthusiastic explanation from the weather guide throughout the whole process, and you can answer questions if you have any questions. Thank you for the smooth journey, and I wish you all a pleasant journey.

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