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Half Day & Whole Day Biking Tour in Seoul

4.2 5 reviews | 1K+ Booked
Exploring a city as big as Seoul on legs can be tiring and you risk missing the best views on public transporation, so why not try discovering the streets on the back of a bicycle? Simply meet up with your English speaking local guide at Hongik University Station and start off your city tour to some of the most popular areas in Seoul. Choose between a half day or whole day tour to see iconic sights including Iwha Woman Street, Sinchon, Chungdong Church, Deoksu Palace, Gyeongbokgung Palace, and the famous Insadong markets. On the whole day tour, you'll get to stop for lunch to replenish your energy followed by cleansing your palate with a trip to a traditional Korean tea house. At 1:00pm, you will continue riding to other areas, such as Dongdaemun market and Itaewon, popular for their shopping and night scenes, and Han River, a landmark of Seoul. At 5:00pm, you will ride back to Hongdae for dismissal, following a full day sightseeing most of the city.
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For travelers looking for a romantic jaunt to the most dazzling landscapes in Seoul, these combo tours will surely take your breath away. All packages are inclusive of roundtrip transportation so you'll definitely have a stress-free adventure. You'll get to see Petite France, a charming little town that looks exactly like a French Pastoral town, full of beautifully constructed buildings and Mediterranean landscapes. You'll also be taken to the world famous Nami Island, the destination of choice to tourists who enjoy dazzling natural scenery. Every changing with the season, this island is so beautiful that multiple famous Korean dramas have filmed here. You'll aslo get a chance to ride the Rail Bike from Gapyeong, so you'll see the splendid landscape of Seoul and its natural beauty going by. If you should opt for it, you can also head off to the splendid Garden of Morning Calm before the other locations and see this beautifully colorful garden full of flowers both common and exotic. It's a delightful journey full of eyecatching panoramic wonders.
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Visit four of Korea’s most popular attractions on a full day tour from Seoul taking you to Nami Island, Petite France, Gangchon Railbike, and the Garden of Morning Calm. Escape Korea’s busy capital for a day and start your adventure with a trip to Petite France, a French cultural village dotted with colorful buildings. Continue on with a ride on the fun in the Gangchon Rail Bike and enjoy the amazing scenery before heading to the picturesque Nami Island. The area got its fame as the filming spot of the popular Korean show 'Winter Sonata' and you can stroll through its beautiful tree-lined avenues—perfect for an impromptu photoshoot.
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What people are saying about Bike Tours in Seoul

Shir Liey Published 16 days ago
This was a highly recommended tour if we are looking forward to explore the nature outskirt of Seoul, from island to garden then tunnel rail cycling. 3 destinations in a day is just nice where you will sufficient time to explore the beauty of each place. The weather in November is very cooling and suitable for outdoor activities.
aaminah Published 21 days ago
Me and my friends have not been out of Seoul much, so this was a day we could not wait for! Even thought we had to wake up super early, I'm glad we did. We managed to see Nami Island before it got really busy and It was just amazing (I do wish we could have stayed a little longer, but the rest of the day was still packed with more things to do). Then came the Rail Bike which was so fun, I don't think I can explain how much we laughed, such a great experience, everyone should do it!!! Petit France was good, but I will say we were a little underwhelmed as we expected much more, but overall the day was so good. Our tour guide was great, he advised going early to the island and even made reservations for me and my friends for Halal food which we were extremely grateful for. I can't remember his name, but I do remember him mentioning that we can just call him Handsome which I think was super smooth hahah. Hope he didn't mind me and my friends being super loud in the back of the car and he remained on schedule and got us back to Seoul safely. Thank you to our tour guide, you are the best!!!!
Thi Published 120 days ago
I'm so glad I booked this tour. I really recommend this tour for everyone who's in Korea without a car. All of these locations (I booked all 4 locations) are very far from Seoul and in the mountains so booking a taxi from destination to destination is impossible (my friends were stuck in petite france for over an hour because there were no taxis available). My tour guide was Tim and he was super kind and patient with us! The whole process was very simple and we loved all the personal time we had for ourselves. He picks us up, drop us off at the locations, gave us and hour or two to explore everything, picked us up again to go to another location. We started from 7:20am to 7:40pm and it wasn't tiring at all because Tim gave us so much tome to rest in the car. He was super lenient with the time too, he'd give us extra time if we wanted to explore longer. For this tour, you really don't have to care about anything when you're on this tour because everything is ready for you, you just have to go. All the places are super gorgeous, the sightseeing, if you love nature I really recommend.
bernadette Published 550 days ago
a month ago Very cool place to visit. Its small island outside of Seoul. It has lot of nature walk path, and also has petting zoo to feed bunnies and also see other animals such deers and sheep. They have good places to eat also. This is great place for families to go visit, and also good for couples. Thank you Klook
Keyna Published 662 days ago
I got this whole package because it is my 1st time In Seoul, and this is definitely worth it! Lanson, our tour guide is really good. He gives recommendations and he gives instructions, and this is very helpful for first timers in Korea. 👌🏻👍🏻 thank you Lanson and our driver! We wanted to skip Petite france, but if you love k dramas, dont skip this! if you want to have more time in Nami, you may skip this part! Some of the tourists in our bus, skipped petite france and they go straight to Nami. Which they gave them more advantage to enjoy Nami. Lunch is superb! We all loved it! ❤️ a korean tour deserves a korean dish!
Whai pheng Published 667 days ago
April is a professional and well organised guide: keeping the tour on time and providing us with valuable recommendations, to ensure that we have an unforgettable experience in Seoul. Her commitment to her job is further shown when she said that we could contact her after the tour for any questions. Thank you April!!

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