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Litchfield National Park Waterfalls

4.5 19 reviews | 200+ Booked
US$ 139.45
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US$ 88.60
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Cage of Death Ticket

4.4 18 reviews | 200+ Booked
US$ 117.29
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Katherine Gorge Cruise and Edith Falls

4.5 10 reviews | 200+ Booked
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US$ 30.89
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Big Croc Feed Experience and Guided Tour

4.8 4 reviews | 100+ Booked
US$ 54.50
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Darwin City Sights Half Day Tour

4.7 3 reviews | 100+ Booked
US$ 51.59
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Charles Darwin Dinner Cruise

4.5 2 reviews | 100+ Booked
US$ 73.85
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US$ 112.59
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US$ 652.89
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US$ 762.59
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Jean Martha Published 167 days ago
I have seen crocs before but this experience is much different and much much better. The experience is more raw and exotic seeing the crocodiles in their natural habitat. Cruising around the river with more than a thousand crocs underneath you and some just chillingly looking at you was crazy and unforgettable. Definitely a steal.
Panagiotis Published 330 days ago
Great half day trip, many jumping crocs, the boat guide talks a lot on the boat (a bit too much) and also the bus driver as well (interesting actually, as he talks about about the history of the area). Bus takes you to a look out and an old rice paddy dam. Nice easy relaxing tour. Tip: take snacks, sunscreen, water and a hat.
Jia Xin Published 631 days ago
Bus drivers are very friendly and helpful. Alighted at the Casino/Botanic Gardens, Art museum, Military museum and waterfront station. Casino is quite awesome as the interior is smoke-free and has designated smoking corner outside. Botanic gardens is quite a big walk so will only recommend it for cooler weather. Art museum could be somewhere to spent more time. Military museum have quite a few outdoor exhibitions but mostly air-conditioned. Waterfront station has a few restaurants and a water slide. Definitely worth the money :)
Soh Published 779 days ago
This is amazing . I love nature and this tour brought us to many diff stops to see nature and pretty views . The bus was very comfy , guide was very friendly and experienced , drive safe too and very attentive to our needs , giving everyone good explanations of places , history and giving warnings and tips on what to avoid , what not to do and be careful . Love the Litchfield Park waterfalls and we got to relax and soak our feet to chill , took many nice pics The termite mounds were interesting and cool . Will recommend !
Jason Published 864 days ago
Amazing to see these crocs leaping out of the water to grab the meat. Try to sit on te front row so you get the best views. Figure out how slow mo on your camera works before you go! Also interesting to see the birds swooping down for bits of meat. Knowledgeable staff and very safe boat. Coach facilities are great, although annoying when the drivers explain every detail about how every feature of the coah works! The river is beautiful. The wetlands visitor centre was nice for around 20 minutes with great panoramic views of floid plains from the top. The dam was nothing special, ok to see some wikdlife but you basically drive across a long narrow road, turn round at the end then come back, but maybe you see some crocs along the way.