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Seafood Odyssea Cruise

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Angelia Published 1171 days ago
Rating 5 stars because you guys need to know the truth and not because i enjoyed the activity. I paid for dolphin( view+ swim) but i only got dolphin viewing experience. The only highlight is seeing dolphins in the sea but for a very short period. The most you could see are birds which are more like seagulls. I extremely do not recommend you to get this activity as theres nothing much to see. However if you would like to donate proceeds to wildlife stuff then you can go ahead and go for this.
Lily Published 1238 days ago
No regrets doing this tour! It went as scheduled although there were only two of us so it was like a private tour for us. As we had time to spare, we had a bonus trip to the chocolate factory and an additional winery (3 in total). The highlight of the trip was the super fresh mussels cooked on board the cruise - the best I’ve ever tasted!
Maisey Published 1355 days ago
We booked the Dolphin Swim experience and got to see the little blue penguins, Hector dolphins and furry seals. Despite not being able to swim with dolphins since the Hector ones are protected, we are very happy with viewing the Hector dolphins. The crew really did their best to find the dolphins in the Charlotte Sounds and it was a lovely sunny and calm day. Also we did get a partial refund since we only viewer dolphins instead of swimming with them. Loved this experience!!!