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Gracia Published 872 days ago
The site was very big so good to cater at least one full day if you really want to walk around. If you’re short on time, recommend not to take the introductory tour, just the boat ride is enough, unless you’re really interested in the history. The introductory tour was a little disappointing. The guide brings you to 3 grassy areas and pointed out some buildings in the distance while he talked about the history, then he will bring everyone to one of the buildings and talk more. I thought at least the guide will bring everyone around one big round, talking as we went but it was mostly standing in place for a total of 45 mins. other than that, this is a nice place that is everyone should go if you’re in the area.
YU FANG Published 974 days ago
iVenture Card is really convenient to play in Australia. I used the iVenture Card to experience the following itineraries: 1. Canoeing Kayaking to watch the sunset 2. Rolling Stone Restaurant Hard Rock Cafe (deductible AUD 20.00) for three meals (appetizer + main meal + dessert) & gift 3. Vivid dinner Cruise 4. Australia Gold Coast catch crab 5. Australia Firefly Night 6. Australia Whales in Paradise (season limited) 7. Australian Jet Ski Jet 8. Australian Water Steel Flyboard 9. Australia Jet boat jet boat through KLOOK Buying iVenture card on the road, Australia's 10 attractions pass AUD 325, an average attraction AUD 32.5 The cost of the meal at the Rolling Stone Restaurant is AUD 32.5 + deductible AUD 20, about NT$ 1,185. It is good to eat, drink, and take. In terms of CP, this is good in Australia. Free Gifts We chose the Hard Rock Cafe classic T-Shirt for AUD 34.95 (about NT$789). To replace Hard Rock Cafe with iVenture Card, remember to pay for the free beer/red wine voucher at the iVenture Card counter before dining at the restaurant. #失妻日记