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Golf Club at Phuket Country Club

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What people are saying about Outdoors & sports in Phuket

Themis Published 70 days ago
Fed, bathed elephants. Learned about their behavior and social skills. WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE! The elephants were loving and gentle giants, and the staff that took care of them really loved and understood these wonderful creatures. Our tour guide Mint -also the name of the baby elephant there :)- was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS SANCTUARY ENOUGH!! Worth every penny!
Orasa Published 180 days ago
Just used to surf for the first time, it is very fun. The teacher is very kind. Everyone is friendly We only travel alone and still don't feel lonely. The teachers are very cute. Even though we are still praising that we are good, hahahahaha, who has never surfed must come here Bang Mad Tak Care is very good. Thank you. Next time, if going to Phuket again, I will book the study with Bang Bang, hahahahaha. There are children too. Surfing is better than you.
suriya Published 184 days ago
Supervised by the company Honeymoon tour is confirmed one day before the scheduled date. The driver came on time. By pick up at the hotel to go to Chalong Pier The tour leader's name is Mr. Jane. Good care, good human relations, beautiful boat, have a cameraman on the boat to help take pictures. Normal dive point at Coral Island, beautiful beach, clear water, food for sale such as papaya salad with fried chicken. Various yum yum yum yum Slightly high price As for food on board, it is normal. Sunset photo spot At Promthep Cape As beautiful as expected
Judy Siaw Wun Published 260 days ago
Service was good. Hotel pickup was punctual. The tour lead, Danny, and the rest of the crew were beyond amazing. Danny would even guide kids and people who can’t swim well out to areas with coral and fish. The crew was attentive, making sure everyone was well being taken care off and provided plenty of snacks and water throughout the day. Ample time was also given at each stop.
Shashank Published 371 days ago
If you are an animal lover or the kind that likes to spend time with the giant cuties, this is just the place for you! Absolutely loved the entire experience and would def go back again. The animals are not forced into doing things that they may not like. There is no riding or not making the animal do any cheap tricks or getting them to stay in a pose for a pic. Instead it is about we spending time with them and making their day better and taking in the entire experience. Our host was wonderful and she explained all the things about how this place was set up and how they look after these animals.
Lea Frances Published 445 days ago
The overall experience was very informative and fun at the same time. We were given the time to interact with the elephants via different activities, such as: making rice balls, feeding them with banana leaves, making paper out of their feces, and bathing them in the end. We were also given souvenir shirts with elephant prints on it.