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Shanghai Disneyland Admission Ticket

4.8 12,302 reviews | 300K+ Booked
US$ 42.35
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Oriental Pearl Tower (QR Code Direct Entry)

4.4 1,026 reviews | 30K+ Booked
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Amy Deng Published 116 days ago
Our booking for an afternoon ticket was confirmed almost instantly, which made it the perfect way to “plan” last minute if we would go from Disneytown into the park (totally dependent on if the kids passed out for their nap!) Thank you Klook for the convenience and reliability. As always Shanghai Disney was a great time and maybe the best at night!!
Jiaw Yoong Published 236 days ago
I had some issues using the voucher by Klook. It wasted at least an hour of mine and partner's time. However, the people at the observation tower was very helpful in trying to help me resolve the issue. But I cannot imagine the trouble, if I wasn't able to speak mandarin. I used Klook many times b4, 1st time ever for such an issue. Otherwise, the place is good 👍 as a 1st time tourist to Shanghai. Beautiful scenery!
yunlu Published 240 days ago
Usually the longest queuing time on the horizon is about 70 minutes. In fact, the door opened at 8:30 to let in, and went straight to the drifting, lined up for 5 minutes, and then grabbed the fast leap over the horizon. I grabbed 4 quick shots in one day: Horizon, Winnie the Pooh, Mine Cart, and Interstellar Rescue. In the previous two visits, I could only grab one, but the second time I grabbed it, the reminder was gone, and the horizon was generally not available. At the end of the day, it can be said that except for the ones I don't want to play, I have played almost all the projects and watched two performances. It's a pity that the float is gone. There are no fireworks either. Perhaps because of this, many people leave the park before 6 o'clock. After 6 o'clock, there is almost no need to line up for smaller or less popular items. We leave the park more than 7 o'clock. Overall, I still feel very good, having a good time and a little tired, but I have plenty of time to take pictures, rest and eat, and I did so many projects in a day. Although I didn’t see the floats and fireworks, this day is still worth it~ By the way~ It seems to be building a crazy animal city, and I will come to play again next year.
hang Published 268 days ago
I only enter the park at 10 o'clock in the morning. Disney's gate is not easy to find. It is best to find a master who is familiar with the route in advance. The nearest door is in Disney Town. I didn't have much queue when I went in, I couldn't wait to play the game. Flying over the horizon is pretty good, the special effects are very good, but I feel sick after sitting. You can bring a raincoat in advance if you don’t poke while drifting in Thunder Mountain. It is best to sit in a position opposite to the entrance to prevent getting wet. Only my friend and I kept screaming, screaming and laughing. The person next to him is very calm. On the opposite side of the rafting, there is a chichititi game for 30 yuan. You can get four pine cones and you need to put all the pine cones into the hole. I didn't put any of them in. I only took a 49 yuan brooch. The historic site adventure camp is also very good. Girls should not wear skirts for this project, because they will be embarrassed because they will tie a lot of ropes to their legs. The weight of this project is still limited. There are many places where you can take photos with Disney characters both outdoors and indoors. I haven't seen a princess after looking for a day. I thought it was too cold in winter to arrange a princess. Later, I learned that the princess would change one in the Yingbin Pavilion next to the castle for 15 minutes. It was over at five o'clock in the afternoon, what a pity! I also watched Captain Jack’s performance, but not Frozen’s. Time is running out, it feels like this one day has passed, there are still many projects and places that haven’t been visited yet, so I’ll definitely have enough next time! In general, it satisfied my fantasy of Disney! Fight again next time!
Patrick Mitchel Published 272 days ago
At first, it was confusing and intimidating because we only had the printed vouchers when all we see from people are actual tickets. I even had to validate the voucher thru several staff members if we are supposed to get tickets from another booth to be presented at the gate. But I remembered that we are tourists, and the others are all locals. So we used it and it was good. Very nice experience
Cheryl Published 306 days ago
The price for the tickets on Klook is cheaper than buying the tickets over the counter. Ticket collection for the tickets purchased via Klook was so convenient and hassle free as compared to queuing for tickets purchase on the spot. It is advisable to purchase tickets beforehand as the queue to purchasing of tickets was as long as the queue to enter the park. Do remember to download the disney application on your phone before going to the park as you can redeem fast passes for certain time slots for several rides. Overall, experience with Klook was amazing, from purchase of tickets to redemption of tickets.