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Aqua Luna Victoria Harbour Cruise

4.7 6,201 reviews | 100K+ Booked
US$ 29.50
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Star Ferry "World Star" Harbour Cruise Tour

4.4 1,076 reviews | 20K+ Booked
US$ 13.85
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US$ 19.25
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Hong Kong Helicopter Tour

4.8 171 reviews | 3K+ Booked
US$ 2,693.55
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US$ 20.29
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Big Bus Tours Chill Out Hong Kong

4.6 76 reviews | 1K+ Booked
US$ 37.19
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US$ 259.65
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US$ 17.95
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Dragon's Back Trail

4.5 54 reviews | 800+ Booked
US$ 44.89
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Central and Sheung Wan Food Tour

4.6 10 reviews | 800+ Booked
US$ 94.95
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Tai Mo Shan Waterfalls Hike

4.7 6 reviews | 700+ Booked
US$ 44.89
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Kit Yi Published 217 days ago
From the center of Saigon, take the minibus No. 7 into Hoi Ha Wan and then into the Ocean Centre. It will be stable in 45 minutes to 1 hour. The transportation is not convenient, so you have to arrange it carefully. There are too many people on the minibus to get on the bus, so you have to wait for the next one to arrive first. There are toilets in the Ocean Center, so there is no need to worry about going to the toilet. It’s best to download or screencap klook’s QR code/order in advance, because the entry is not receiving the signal, and even the APP can’t be opened 🤣. First, listen to the staff's explanation in the room, and talk about the next knowledge about corals. After listening, take a short break and set off to take a glass-bottom boat to see the corals. The corals in Hong Kong are not from foreign countries with many colors and varieties. Don't hold on to the expectation of seeing a coral, but they are all worth seeing. Are you clear about it? It depends on the clarity of the sea that day. After watching the corals, I went back to the center to watch the documentary "Plastic Ocean". I saw the harm caused by human abuse of plastic to the ocean, and even suffered the consequences. An event worth participating in can deepen the understanding of the ocean and increase the awareness of environmental protection. It also opens eyes. It turns out that there are corals in Hong Kong waters. I really don’t know about it in my big town. Go to Haixiawan Marine Life Center https://wwfhk.awsassets.panda.org/downloads/directions_to_hoi_ha_wan_marine_life_centre_chi_eng_20180418.pdf
Ka Yan Published 300 days ago
Wonderful experience! The weather was very nice so our boat trip was super! We saw a lot of corals, fishes and other maritime life. I’ve never seen such a beautiful maritime environment in hk. Beside boat trip, it also provides a simple lecture to introduce maritime ecology system and a video about plastic problem. The guide (sorry, I forgot her name) was very nice and knowledgeable. In short, the tour is excellent and very meaningful. I would recommend it to everyone.
CHEUK MAN Published 392 days ago
Absolutely love the experience! It’s amazing to see the corals in HK! Three tips for everyone: 1. Corals in HK are not colourful due to its species. So pls don’t get disappointed if you don’t see those typical ones as they are still living things! 2. Book the shuttle service. HKD60 is totally worth it as the minibus queue is super long when you go back to Sai Kung town centre. It doesn’t make sense to wait if you hv better option. 3. Go only when it is sunny! It’s important to see the water clearly with sunshine
Koon Wai Published 399 days ago
The activities of WWF can be said to be perfect. From the initial introduction, the video, to go to the sea to watch corals, to go back to the beach to explain the aquatic life, the staff has a wealth of knowledge to give us a good experience, let us discover the original Hong Kong ocean There are also abundant coral and marine ecology and give us an understanding of how serious the impact of glue on the ocean can be. The fly in the ointment is that there is a serious problem with KLOOK’s arrangement. When I booked the event two weeks ago, KLOOK emailed us the next day to change the time. After we responded to the change, we thought that KLOOK had communicated with the event organizer and arranged a new one. Time to participate in the event, until the day before the departure, KLOOK also sent an email to remind us that there is an event to participate in, until the event day I went to the reception desk a minute earlier, the organizer did not know our appointment and could not find our relevant information, and KLOOK provided The time is different from the activities of WWF. The activities have also started, but WWF quickly solved the problems for us flexibly, which gave us a very pleasant experience. In short, WWF deserves a five-star recommendation.
Graeme Published 668 days ago
An amazing experience during our 45-minute flight that took in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories, outlying islands, and a look-see towards Shenzhen. Ben Harding - our pilot - was extremely knowledgeable and told us lots of information we would never get from a guidebook, and all done in an amusing way. All of the ground crew were incredibly helpful from the minute we arrived to the moment we left. Everyone was extremely friendly an welcoming. I would recommend this trip as an amazing way to see parts of HK that cannot be reached by the MTR, taxi, bus, tram or on foot.