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Tandem Skydive Over Great Ocean Road

4.8 277 reviews | 2K+ Booked
US$ 180.85
Book now for 10 Oct 2021
US$ 129.99
Book now for 6 Nov 2021
US$ 237.49
Book now for 28 Sep 2021

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What people are saying about Outdoors & sports in Great Ocean Road

Jecy Published 580 days ago
It was such a great experience! The people at the desk were so accommodating of my questions and requests as well as the driver. And my instructor was highly skilled and confident so I didn't worry about a thing and just enjoyed my jump and the beautiful views from the top!! Thanks so much will definitely do it again 😊♥️ There were friendly dogs roaming around the property that you can play with while waiting to go so that's definitely a plus too! ❤️
Reevgeny Published 592 days ago
I had an amazing experienced with skydive australia. From the time they fetch me and send me back to the city - a big big thank you to the driver (sorry I forgot the name but it’s an aged man). And to mike whom my tandem partner, kudos to that man who attended to me professionally and very well. My first skydive was very memorable:) To those who wanted to try this kind of sport, skydive australia in Great Ocean Road was the best!
Cathy Gui Min Published 631 days ago
Awesome experience! The pick up location was convenient and easy to find, there’s a McDonald’s opposite if you’re early. The diving experience was great, staff were really nice and friendly when I had additional questions. Overall a very good experience and I’ll definitely do it again in another location.
Oon Yee Published 634 days ago
This is my first tandem Skydive. The weather is not good on that day, many clouds which affect the vision. It is taking longer time to wait for the better weather, however, the staffs are very nice and take a very good care of us. NEVER regret to have this skydive, it is awesome and the feeling is good. Would like to try more if have chance. Thanks to my instructor (Alex a.k.a Nugget) for the nice skydive journey.
Tsz Ching Published 715 days ago
a must try on bucket list. there is a shuttle bus to take you go and back. when you arrive to the site, after registration, you need to wait for quite a while to your turn. and after skydiving, you still need to wait for everyone on the same shuttle bus to finish their turn so that you guys can back to the city together. so be prepared that it will take you a day of waiting.
Razan Nisa Published 722 days ago
I.... love it!!!! I'm a thrill seeker and absolutely enjoyed every single bit of it. If only gravity is half the percentage... the freefall was awesome on its own and paired with the view. Don't even think twice about wanting to book or not. just go for it. don't forget to purchase along with the video & photos. every second is worthwhile. you will enjoy laughing at your face when jumping out and during the dive too. For those wearing hijabs/would like to cover their chest area, please grab a jumpsuit. I'm a hijab wearer and most of my photos are not safe to be posted online.