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Reviews (1,925) 4.6
  • Dinesh Singh 25 Jun 2019

    Review for: Swiss Half Fare Card

    it was great experience of having swiss half fare card. it was best suited for my family for 2 adult and 2 children below 16 years. we had gone to mount titlis and jungfrau, where we got discounts on these trip also kids were free. also we had train journey in mountains. we had taken saver day pass along with swiss half card for 2 adults and enjoyed all trip absolutely free all over the Switzerland. i recommend all to take swiss half fare card along with saver day pass, if you are coming 1st time in Switzerland and want to roam all along the mountain and for longer duration.
  • Chun Kit 19 Jun 2019

    Review for: Swiss Half Fare Card

    Half fare card is definitely the best choice for travelling in Switzerland as long as you purchase tickets and do mountain excursions with the half fare card PRESENT WITH YOU. Its a rather more economic option than Swiss Pass as it provides hald rate in most trips, yet you hv to consider it lacks the flexibility that a Swiss Pass can do as you may travel more than you expect. So a proper planning of your trip is definitely important.
  • DONG HAO 17 Jun 2019

    Review for: [E-Ticket] Swiss Travel Pass (Consecutive 3, 4, 8 or 15 Days)

    Swiss travel pass is a must to get! We used it in Zurich, Lucerne, Zermatt and Interlaken. I received the e-tickets in a few days after purchasing, just print or show the tickets on your phone. Highly recommended to anyone who is going to Switzerland!
  • Racky Kwok Wah 17 Jun 2019

    Review for: [E-Ticket] Swiss Travel Pass (Consecutive 3, 4, 8 or 15 Days)

    Good value, must have. Switzerland is an very beautiful country but it is also very expensive to commute. This pass can save you a lot. I have been to most of the Mt. like Rigi, Pilatus, etc. so beautiful on the mountain. Glacier Express was also like. you must try it at least once in your lifetime.
  • DI 16 Jun 2019

    Review for: [E-Ticket] Swiss Travel Pass (Consecutive 3, 4, 8 or 15 Days)

    Have fun and enjoy our unlimited train Journeys by Swiss travel pass. Today from Interlaken to Lugano (Interlaken West to Spiez Spiez to Brig Brig to Andermatt by Glacier Express. Andermatt to Goschenen Goschenen to Bellinzona Bellinzona to Giubiasco Giubiasco to Lugano)
  • Samriddhi 12 Jun 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass (Consecutive 3, 4, 8 or 15 Days)

    Highly Recommend! Klook also gave a lot of gifts along with the travel pass free of cost. You can travel with peace in Switzerland if you have a swiss pass. Just show the pass at the entrance of rails, buses, trams, boats, museums and It's done.
  • WAI LEONG 11 Jun 2019

    Review for: [E-Ticket] Swiss Travel Pass (Consecutive 3, 4, 8 or 15 Days)

    very good and easy. no need to keep buying tickets. total add up, its cheaper to use swiss pass. will recommend my frens to buy from klook again and again thank you so much klook very cheap, can use promo code to buy as well
  • Siddhartha 9 Jun 2019

    Review for: [E-Ticket] Swiss Travel Pass (Consecutive 3, 4, 8 or 15 Days)

    I completely enjoyed every moment of my trip, couldn’t have expected any more convenience. Trains, trams buses all on time (correct upto 30 secs). Please take a trip on the Golden Pass Line, the cost is worth it
  • Carissa 8 Jun 2019

    Review for: [E-Ticket] Swiss Travel Pass (Consecutive 3, 4, 8 or 15 Days)

    Great way to travel around Switzerland. Unlimited rides on buses, trams, trains and even some boats! 25%-50% off mountain tickets (Jungfraujoch, Gornergrat, Pilatus, Sunnegga, First, etc). The Glacier Express requires a seat reservation in addition to the Pass, it was 43CHF for early June. The entire country is very well connected by train/bus. Also recommend downloading the SBB (Swiss Railway) app, it tells you the timing, connections, platforms for getting from point A to B. Very helpful for my 12-day trip (I got the 15- day consecutive pass).
  • Shruti 7 Jun 2019

    Review for: [E-Ticket] Swiss Travel Pass (Consecutive 3, 4, 8 or 15 Days)

    Swiss Travel Pass is a must have if you plan to travel across Switzerland using train and local transport. Also many excursion have discounts on Swiss Pass. We could travel on all trains hassle free and did Mount Schilthorn which was free and Mt Titlis with 50% discount.
  • SIAU CHING 7 Jun 2019

    Review for: [E-Ticket] Swiss Travel Pass (Consecutive 3, 4, 8 or 15 Days)

    Convenient access to pubic trains, bus and boats. Get free access up Schiltorn and Mount Rigi as well. Absolutely worth it as you dont have to further purchase intercity train tickets and get discounts on some of the main mountrain attractions.
  • Christina 6 Jun 2019

    Review for: [E-Ticket] Swiss Travel Pass (Consecutive 3, 4, 8 or 15 Days)

    Free travel with boat, bus, tram within the city. Disc to mt titlis, free fot most of train ticket by SBB. Overall satisfied with this swiss pass! All you have to only download the application or if you confuse come to sbb information to get clear explanation and just show the swiss pass eticket or printed when travelling.
  • Satyendra 31 May 2019

    Review for: [E-Ticket] Swiss Travel Pass (Consecutive 3, 4, 8 or 15 Days)

    Awesome experience with the Swiss Travel Pass. Gives you complete freedom to travel on Swiss Trains/Buses/Trams across Switzerland. Just need to show the voucher to the ticket collector if asked. Also carry your passport as identification. We also covered Schilthorn and Titlis as well.
  • Vivek 31 May 2019

    Review for: [E-Ticket] Swiss Travel Pass (Consecutive 3, 4, 8 or 15 Days)

    Excellent pass which is handy and a must have in Switzerland. We could cover all trains/buses/cable cars from Basel to Interlaken to Schilthorn free with Swiss Pass. Then covered Glacier Express, where we just paid for seat reservation and Titlis where we got 50% discount.
  • Vivek 28 May 2019

    Review for: [E-Ticket] Swiss Travel Pass (Consecutive 3, 4, 8 or 15 Days)

    The must-have pass if you travel to Switzerland travelling on trains and covering the mountains. We travelled from Basel to Interlaken, went on Mt. Schilthorn, did the Glacier Express, Mt Titlis and travelled a lot between cities. We had no hassles of buying tickets anywhere. Everything was free except Titlis which was half the price for Swiss Pass Holders.
  • Sirinporn 25 May 2019

    Review for: [E-Ticket] Swiss Travel Pass (Consecutive 3, 4, 8 or 15 Days)

    The Swiss Travel Pass is very easy to use and very convenient. You can use almost every public transport and leave the pass on your mobile for the Inspector to scan. Print a copy just in case your mobile runs out of batteries. You get free entries to lots of places like museums and mountains and also up to 50% discount for mountains too. If you don’t want to bother trying to figure out how much each fare costs, this Pass is the best.


How to book a train ticket with Klook?

Simply enter your departure and arrival city, select a departure (and return) date & time, indicate the number of passengers, then tap or click the search button. You will be provided with a list of train itineraries that you can choose from

How early can I purchase a train ticket?

This varies depending on your selected train routes, and also ranges from countries and type of trains. Generally speaking, many of the European train tickets can be booked as early as 90 days before train departure. Below are some of the recommended timelines* for ticket booking according to train type and popular routes:

== Domestic Trains ==

TGV (within France): 90 days in advance ICE (within Germany): 180 days in advance Railjet (within Austria): 90 days in advance Freccirarossa, Frecciaasgento, and Frecciabianca (within Itlay): 120 days in advance NTV (within Italy): 120 days in advance AVE (within Spain): 75 days in advance National Rail (UK): 75 days in advance

== International Trains ==

Eurostar (London to/from Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam): 180 days in advance Thalys (Paris to/from Brussels and Amsterdam): 90 days in advance ICE (Germany to/from neighboring countries): 180 days in advance TGV (France to/from neighboring countries): 90 to 120 days in advance TGV Lyria (Paris to/from Geneva and Zurich): 120 days in advance Berlin-Warsaw Express: 60 days

== Night Trains ==

Intercites de Nuit (within France): 90 days in advance Italian night trains: 90 days in advance OBB Night Train (Austria to/from neiboring countries): 180 days in advance Thello (Paris to/from Milan and Venice): 120 days in advance Lusitaina (Madrid to/from Lisbon): 60 days in advance

== Swiss Scenic Trains ==

Glacier Express (Zermatt - Brig - Chur / St. Moritz): 90 days in advance GoldenPass Line (Luzern - Interlaken - Zweisimmen - Montreux): 90 days in advance Bernina Express (Chur/Davos - St. Moritz - Tirano - Lugano): 90 days in advance Gotthard Panorama Express (Luzern - Fluelen - Bellinzona - Lugano): 90 days in advance

  • subject to change

What should I do if the booking is not open?

European train tickets are usually available for sale 90 days in advance, but if your preferred ticket is not yet available for purchase, it is probably because the your desired ticket is not yet available at that time

Why can't I find the train I want to book?

There are several reasons why you might not find your desired train:

(1) Your desired train is full, or (2) Your desired train route is not yet available for booking, or (3) Your desired train route is temporarily closed for booking due to track maintainance works, or (4) Your desired train journey might contain more than two changes (our system is designed to filter out any train routes with more than two exchanges to give you the most direct route)

Can I make a reservation first and pay within 24-72 hours?

At the moment, it is not possible to reserve now and pay for a ticket later with Klook. To secure a ticket, please pay as soon as you have chosen your chosen route

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