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Krabi Nature Escapes 2021

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Why people love Krabi

Published 309 days ago
Book a good time, there will be a shipping company to pick up from the place of residence to the pier to start the day's journey, the process is very humorous to explain the boating method, the process is safe and fun, the scenery is beautiful, and the route will be temporarily adjusted because of the long low tide. After the end, there will be a free Thai lunch, a very worthwhile event.
Published 78 days ago
Travel to Krabi during the New Year during COVID. Only the two of us left in the boat. Because all others cancel Due to bad weather But still came to pick us up Even though we booked as a tour but get a private boat, thank you very much. It is a very good memory. Bang made very good food Pineapple is delicious. Will bring your friends back again
Published 46 days ago
It is a trip booking that is not disappointed at all. Take good care from the school until the end of the trip. The staff of the ship, whether they are guides, crews, and hospitable boat drivers. See and tourists thoroughly. It is a very impressive trip. Thanks to all the staff Whether you want to take pictures Or difficult to do something Staff are always there to help. No need to wait, thank you for Bang and Bang Yao (I'm not sure of this name, I'm sorry if you called it incorrectly) who took me into the water and took me into the water, so just tell him and be ready to take care Next time I will choose to use the service of Sea eagle tour again. I am very impressed.

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