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Why people love Ho Chi Minh City

Published 246 days ago
It is strongly recommended to participate in the Heineken World Experience Hall. The entrance fee includes Heineken bottled wine with your own name, experience the technique of pouring beer, singing and dancing with the staff, and beer and potato chips to drink in the venue, and watching the night view , Very good value!
ha giang
Published 214 days ago
I bought 6 family tickets, Klook sent a quick code. Rate 9-11h. Going early but it's weekend so it's a bit crowded. The babies are happy and like. Mng can dress herself warmly without a snowtown jacket. However, you should bring other clothes for your baby after playing because the skiing will get wet and hands and feet are very cold. Gloves and socks should be prepared on your own. If not buy. If your child is over 6 years old and wants to play extra games outside, buying a combo will be much more beneficial. Thanks Klook. Having used Klook's dvu many times already, always satisfied. :)))
Published 210 days ago
Great. Thanks Klook for giving me such a great experience. Thanks to Klook, I bought a cheap Vip ticket and also got a good cocktail. The show shows Vietnamese traditions and culture through circus segments combined with basket boats, 4-5m long sticks ... Most impressive of the aerial performances, forming cranes or geese and the performance speed increases as the music accelerates. The boys' beatbox is also very impressive, sitting underneath and thinking is enjoying a whole band. Those who want to experience, should try once and buy a VIP ticket to have a nice sitting position, enjoy the full show.
Kim Thuy Tien
Published 143 days ago
Suitable for group outings, varied movement games. The first time I played these games, especially mountain climbing. I bought unlimited voucher but actually playing for 1 hour is very tired. If you do watch American Ninja Warriors, the game here is a bit similar but easier (of course). Each person must buy 1 pair of non-slip socks (50k) that can be used many times. Next time you play, just bring your non-slip socks. Will come back and play mountain climbing!
Nhu Quynh Trang
Published 135 days ago
Fast booking process, no need to change ticket, just open QR code to scan. The inconvenience is that confirmation tickets are sent by pdf file with each QR code located at the top of the page. If you buy more than one ticket, each ticket is separated by 2 pdf pages for a long time to scan. For example, if the family travels about 6-7 people, it takes a long time to scan this code and it takes time to drag to another code. Small comment for klook check confirm form for more convenience.

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