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Macau Popular Attractions 2021

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Why people love Macau

Published 344 days ago
The first time I came here, I wanted to experience everything. Fortunately, first buy a good ticket at klook. It is really expensive to buy on the spot. In addition, you have to wait in line to prepare the tickets for direct exchange. I will sing when I'm loading you~ The singing is super wide and beautiful
Published 307 days ago
The game area is divided into the upper layer and the lower layer, and the upper level mobile games are more fun, for example: parachute VR, flying as an individual. Stunned. In the 360-degree rotation of the lower level, I am more prone to motion sickness and waves, so I feel dizzy after playing, but my daughter and husband feel fun. You can also add value on the spot, my family plays bowling with 1600 points.
Hong Xi
Published 268 days ago
Located in the Venetian Resort, parking is convenient, but although you can directly scan the code to enter the venue with the Klook platform, you can enter the venue quickly, but if you want to enjoy an extra 2 hours (such as buying a ticket on its official website), it is very troublesome. Informed that you must apply to the business center, obviously creating obstacles. . . As for the shows in the space are very attractive, it is worth spending two hours to play slowly!
Published 148 days ago
Macau Tower is located in the newly reclaimed South Bay of Macau, facing the Pearl River Estuary, with a total height of 338 meters and 56 floors. Although taller towers have always appeared in the world, the world rankings have been changing, but it is still in Asia The 8th tallest and the 10th tallest in the world!! So the tourist tower has become a new tourist hotspot in Macau. Definitely worthy of your visit. If you haven't been to Macau before, it means you haven't been to Macau.

Popular Popular Attractions in Macau

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