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Hong Kong Staycation 2021

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Why people love Hong Kong

Ne Po Mila
Published 256 days ago
It is rare that Hong Kong can have a more relaxing and comfortable place! The location of the hotel is very comfortable and feels like a holiday, it is the feeling that other hotels do not feel, the overall clean and comfortable environment of the hotel is relaxing! Will choose to stay at this hotel next time , I hope there are more discounts!
Published 176 days ago
The staff who stepped into the customer service department of the hotel were very polite and smiled and answered my questions one by one. The room was very tidy and the dinner was very good in the Italian restaurant. The waiter’s attitude was very good and introduced the style of the dinner one by one. The facilities are also very good. My room can see the beautiful night view of Hong Kong. The breakfast is very beautiful. The style is also very good. There are many Chinese and Western styles and noodles. And the check-out time can be delayed to three o'clock. Very good. After I go back to the hotel and sleep for a while, I will check out and it is worth booking a vacation
yiu kwok
Published 100 days ago
After staying in Hong Kong for more than a year due to the epidemic situation, all major hotels in Haocai have disturbed Satycation. I have been to 2X several times recently. This time I went to the Royal Garden Hotel, which is really good. First of all, the location is very convenient and the decoration is luxurious. That is, all the staff are very polite and smile (I can feel it when wearing a mask, especially all the lobby managers are happy to help the passengers, the service is 100% and very comfortable, the super 5-star service, thank you 🙏🙏🙏 in my mind The hotel that I have been to, Royal Garden is the first place, such as Ritz Carlton, Grand Hyatt, Yiju, Four Seasons....It is not as good as the lobby managers of the Royal Garden. The rooms are very good, and the food on the executive floor is medium. Snack the night and fill the fish with the first-class noodles👍The breakfast food is small but delicious, will definitely go again👍👍👍
Kit chau
Published 60 days ago
Stay for two consecutive nights to upgrade the sea view room, the environment is first-class, quiet and prosperous, the hotel room is large (in Hong Kong), the buffet lunch and dinner are of high quality, with sea views, the VIP floor check in / afternoon tea and unlimited drinks are in the same place, and the staff service The attitude is very good. It's all due to the service quality of the business class on the plane. The Chengge Group is really not a loser... Suggestion: If you can provide extra disinfection supplies in the room, it would be better for the first staycation. I already want to go there many times.
Published 51 days ago
The cleanliness of the room is better than expected. The most pleasant surprise is that the types of snacks and wines in the happy hour are better than expected. It would be better if the afternoon tea has more styles, but for those who want to relax and drink, the price/performance ratio is indeed quite high. The staff service is worthy of praise. Give this Staycation plan a 5-star praise. I hope that the standard can be maintained and give more Hong Kong people a choice to relax.
Published 29 days ago
The hotel service is good and the staff are so polite. The dinner was good and the room was big enough. It’s a small episode, the opposite room is so noisy. From 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I’ve been opening PARTY in the hotel room until a few o’clock in the afternoon to talk to the lobby manager. Haohao quickly ask my colleagues to deal with the left, and Zhonghao took the initiative to help me change the place. room. Please Hong Kong people, you don’t want to enjoy your vacation, self-discipline, you just press the door bell and call Jing Shao Shao and pretend to listen to it, and you are in the PARTY ROOM of the hotel.

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