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Why people love Hong Kong

hiu hung
Published 170 days ago
It is simply the "Hong Kong version" "Spirited Away" plus "Harbin Mobile Castle"! ! It is the first time to circle the Aberdeen Treasure Seafood Painting Boat for a week. It's really stylish up close! I really want to get on the boat to find the white dragon! Klook you guys start a group! Let's come first! One is playing Xiaoqian and the other is faceless man! The net system feels so explosive! 🤣In addition, the check-in position lighting on the home boat has a beautiful skin effect, praise! Come to Dingzihe for lunch, right! It is the dusk of Nanlang Mountain full of camellia, biting the hotel cookies, refreshing! After the mountain trip, I went to the little chef under the hotel for dinner. The fried clams are so big! Another porridge with sliced goose and oysters is delicious! Back to the hotel for a good night's sleep, the hotel has a Japanese feel, the bed is very comfortable! And the morning run by the waterfront is cool! Of course, a little trip to the nearby outlet shopping! There is a bus 95., 671 directly to the outlet behind the hotel! Go to Japan to do it (up to the mountain and the sea, morning run, big food and laugh, desperately shopping) 👩🏽‍🤝‍👩🏼🤣I have the same loudness show! The PS staff (hotels, shops, local tours, outlets) are so kind to the people you meet on the road, is it the style of South Hong Kong Island?
Published 166 days ago
Cleanliness: 5 (tidy, the toilet is light enough, and the design is not big enough) Accessories: 4 (no USB socket) Landscape: floor-to-ceiling glass view facing the sea, not a full sea view (see the building on both sides) and 180 degree sky view, in Hong Kong This kind of enjoyment is only available on the high floors. It is worth mentioning that the design can not be done in time to face the sea view. This is the value. Food: The price in Sheung Wan, I don’t think it’s a good sense to travel if you include two meals. Location: I have never set foot on the waterfront of Belcher’s Bay. I have the opportunity to take a tram to visit the unknown Hong Kong. I feel that the epidemic has brought Hong Kong people an in-depth tour.
Kay Kay Katherine
Published 72 days ago
This package is really good value for money! The staff playing VR AND SWITCH on the 17th floor are so friendly and polite 🥳Too much fun, and the room is luxurious and tidy 👍🏻 There are surprises for breakfast. That (Benny egg muffin) is very special and looks great! It is really worth recommending to Hong Kong people who want to take a break and have fun🥰
Lai Ying
Published 39 days ago
The Staycation experience at Island Shangri-La Hotel is both noble and elegant. Every employee is attentive and courteous. Even if you just pass by and see the elevator, they will stop and hold the elevator door. In addition to the quality of the food, the room is beautiful and elegant. , The staff’s attentive care is a pleasant surprise—because the price of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is 15% higher than that of Hong Kong, but the service is very ordinary.
Published 31 days ago
It is worthy of being the most home-like hotel in Hong Kong. Although the city view is not very attractive, the bathtub and other facilities are really impeccable. The staff in the hotel are courteous and kind, able to answer our questions quickly, and also sent us desserts to congratulate the anniversary. This experience is really worth trying!
Mei Shan
Published 27 days ago
Staying on Saturday is $629 including dinner + lunch~ The elegant guest room is very new and clean~ The room is not big but it makes people feel extra~ I personally like its wooden floor instead of the carpet~ The bathroom has a smart toilet that is rare in Hong Kong. It is good~ Food~ With this The price is normal taste~ The mushroom soup and burgers for dinner are quite delicious~ The portion is enough~ The roast duck breast for lunch tastes good but the portion is small~ It also adds $48 to the meat-eye steak, which is also normal quality~ In summary, the food taste is More than qualified~ The hotel is located in a convenient location~ Very close to Times Square~ Not far from Donki~ It is the best choice for staycation 😎

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