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Why people love Gyeonggi-do

Published 257 days ago
It was the first time I took the shuttle bus to Everland. 9:50 AM Pick up at Dongdaemun -> Arrive at Everland at around 10:30 AM-about 40 minutes Departure at Everland at 6:30 PM -> Arrive at Dongdaemun at around 7:15 PM-about 45 minutes At first, it takes 10,000 won per person I thought this was a little expensive, but I am very satisfied with using it. When I was going, there weren't many people, so I sat comfortably one by one, but there were many people who used one-way on the way back to Seoul. As I went to the bus-only road, I was able to arrive quickly because I didn't have to worry about getting crowded, and because I didn't drive myself, I got away from the stress of driving and went home comfortably. However, since the bus service time is a little late, I wished that there would be an earlier schedule. Everland is okay, but it's better to go to Caribbean Bay early...

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