Hold Your Breath For The Best Snorkeling Spots Around The Philippines

14 Mar 2020
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Natural wonders under the Philippine sea!

Fortunately for us, the Philippines is dotted with gorgeous beaches perfect for any kind of adventure. So if you’ve got a weekend off to spend in one of our sun-drenched beaches, you might want to try your hand at snorkeling! If you’ve got saltwater running through your veins, it’s time to slap on a layer of sunscreen and get ready for an underwater adventure through these ten beautiful snorkeling spots in the Philippines!

1. Talicud Island—Davao

Once you step foot on Talicud Island, all your reasons to be blue will be drowned out by the crystal clear waters. Favored by both locals and tourists alike, this seaside destination keeps a good reputation thanks to its powdery white sands and coral-filled waters.
Talicud Island has smaller surrounding islets – some covered in mangroves, and others popular for snorkeling and diving. While in the area, sneak a visit to Isla Reta, Baga Cave, Isla Bonita to name a few.

2. Balicasag Island— Bohol

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Cannonball into Bohol’s most exceptional snorkeling scene – Balicasag Island! Home to various schools of fish, dolphins, and thousands of vibrant coral reefs – making it the perfect snorkeling and diving spot for anyone interested in an underwater adventure!
In addition to that, Balicasag Island is a lot less popular, and therefore less crowded, as compared to other beaches in Bohol, so you can definitely enjoy a quiet R&R.

3. Mantiloc Island— El Nido, Palawan

Visit the longest and narrowest island in El Nido, and have the most excellent time snorkeling with your family and friends!
If the ocean’s deep waters terrify you, this should be your island of choice. The beach slants gradually and deepens only at about 10 meters – enough to get you as close to the underwater scenery down below. El Nido is also a prosperous mecca of marine life, which makes it one of the best snorkeling spots in the Philippines.

4. Crocodile Island— Boracay

Photo Credit: Momo on Flickr
If you squint your eyes a little bit, you’ll see that this island really does look like a crocodile! Though we can’t guarantee a crocodile spotting at the island, we can guarantee an incredible snorkeling experience!
Thanks to its crystal clear waters, visitors can enjoy underwater visibility and clear view of the flourishing corals from below! Plus at only 6 feet, this is the perfect place to try snorkeling for the first time. After your underwater adventure, feel free to like back and bask in the sun.

5. Coral Garden – San Antonio Island, Puerto Galera

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
The next item on our list may be small, but trust us, it has a lot to offer. Coral Garden is a narrow body of water located in Muelle Bay, and is known to be the leading snorkeling site in Puerto Galera. Taking from the name, you can expect this island to offer a wide range of underwater wonders – especially when it comes to corals! Definitely try to get a couple snaps with your waterproof camera for some impressive insta-posts!

6. Camayan Beach Resort— Subic & Clark

Not a season snorkeler? No problem! At Camayan Beach Resort, visitors can sign up for lessons and rent out snorkeling gear for those who are keen to learn! However, if snorkeling isn’t your cup of tea, the resort offers a whole bunch of other beach activities, or you could also just lie back and enjoy the sun-drenched beaches!

7. Pescador Island—Cebu

Pescador Island in Cebu is regarded as one of the country’s premier diving sites due to local regulations stating the protection of corals and their marine species. That said, you can guarantee that all the fishes, dolphins and turtles you encounter during this snorkeling trip are in well-maintained and protected underwater sanctuaries.

8. Sumilon Island— Dumaguete

Prepare to swim with the gentle giants of the sea and get to take pictures with them! Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Sumilon Island and feel its dreamy white sandbars in between your toes.
A must-visit destination on your trip to the Philippines, Sumilon Island, has a marine sanctuary that’s home to a wide range of underwater species. The island is an ideal snorkeling spot thanks to its thriving marine life with a lot of opportunities to catch blacktip sharks!

9. Kayangan Lake— Coron, Palawan

At Kayangan Lake, you won’t have a need for goggles when you snorkel thanks to its crystal clear waters! This Coron island offers up to ten meters of visibility, making it the perfect setting for an underwater adventure.
In addition to its incredible sub-aquatic wonders, the powder white shores are a perfect place to soak up some sun. So what are you waiting for?

10. Apo Island – Dauin, Negros Oriental

Photo Credit: Wikipedia
If you asked any seasoned beach-goer, they’re most likely to recommend Apo Island for your snorkeling adventure – and it’s no wonder why! This little island in Negros Occidental is swarming with incredible underwater wonders – all perfectly visible thanks to the island’s crystal clear waters. One experience under Apo Island’s waters will have you convincing all your friends to join you for round 2!