13 Pandemic-Themed Movies To Stream If You’re Brave Enough To Watch Them Right Now

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As we practice social distancing in our homes, we are overloaded with real-time updates and news on the virus, which has resulted in elevated levels of anxiety and stress. But believe it or not, there has been a fascinating surge in streams for pandemic-themed films since the coronavirus outbreak. Weirdly enough, this counterintuitive coping mechanism is very common; so if this sounds like your cup of tea in a time like this, no judgement! 

Check out our list of top pandemic-themed movies below. 

1. Contagion

pandemic movies

Though slightly exaggerated, the story of Contagion is probably the closest to our current reality. Similar to our unfortunate situation, the film is centered around a lethal virus that leaves infected individuals dead in a matter of days. This thriller demonstrates how diseases spread, social implications that take effect, and the role of the military and the government.

2. 12 Monkeys

pandemic movies

This sci-fi film follows Bruce Willis’ character as he is sent back in time to the 1990s in order to identify the origin of a virus that nearly wiped out humanity. This movie will show the world before the pandemic and how it looks towards the end of civilization.  

3. 93 Days 

pandemic movies

Based on true events, this movie is about the story of men and women who fought in the front lines and risked their lives against the deadly Ebola outbreak in Nigeria back in 2014. 

4. Bird Box

pandemic movies

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this movie follows the story of a woman who embarks on a dangerous journey with her children towards safety. They travel far in silence to steer clear of the mysterious creatures that plagued the country, compelling any human who sees them to take their own lives.

5. Cargo

pandemic movies

Set in rural Australia, Cargo tells the tale of a sick man who goes through great odds to find a new home for his daughter in order to save her from an infection that’s slowly changing his nature. 

6. 28 Days Later

pandemic movies

28 Days Later is a story of how a rebellious group of animal activists set off a viral plague across the United Kingdom. Despite warnings from researchers, they release detained chimpanzees carrying a rage-inducing virus, infecting millions. The post-apocalyptic film follows a group of plague survivors as they cope and find security. 

7. The Cured

pandemic movies

The Cured takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, the aftermath of a zombie plague that has taken over Europe. Unlike other zombies movies, this film tackles how the survivors try to reintegrate the previously infected back into society. Though fictional, the film demonstrates possible scenarios on how humanity will adapt post-pandemic. 

8. World War Z

pandemic movies

Probably one of the most popular zombie movies, this thriller-action movie follows the story of a former United Nations employee as he races against time and travels across the world to investigate a virus that turns people into zombies. 

9. Children Of Men

pandemic movies

Set in the year 2027, just when society is on the verge of extinction after two decades of human infertility, a woman miraculously gets pregnant. A former activist is assigned to transport her into safety.

10. I Am Legend

pandemic movies

A scientist becomes the last human survivor after a plague takes over New York City. He tries to find a way to reverse the effects of a man-made virus using his own immune blood, all while defending himself from hostile mutants who linger in the area.

11. Outbreak

pandemic movies

Outbreak (1995) is a classic medical disaster film that follows a group of healthcare professionals who scramble against time to find a cure for a virus, which was carried by an African monkey and has begun infecting an entire population. 

12. Blindness

pandemic movies

An epidemic called ‘white sickness’, which causes the infected to go blind in an instant, causes widespread panic, prompting the government to quarantine all those infected in a mental asylum. However one woman pretends to be blind to accompany her infected husband and break out of the hospital. 

13. Flu (Gamgi) 

pandemic movies

This South Korean disaster film tells the story of the residents of Seoul as they struggle to survive the outbreak of a lethal airborne virus that kills anyone infected within 36 hours.

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