Dessert Museum’s New Rooms Are Sure To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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Create sweet memories in four new rooms!

Time to get your cameras ready because Dessert Museum is serving up a bunch of new treats for its all its guests! Manila’s most Instagrammable attraction has just launched four sugar-coated rooms perfect for both your sweet tooth and your IG feeds! Find out what new rooms you can expect below PLUS how you can nab discounted admission.

The Rooms

Banana Beach

dessert museum

Forget the sand and sea! At Banana Beach not only do you get to munch on those yummy banana candies, but you also get to slide into a bunch of them, too!

Bewitched Bakery

dessert museum

Nostalgia runs high at Bewitched Bakery. Walk through your childhood favorite pop tarts, a rainbow birthday cake slide, and a fortune cookie wheel! This pastel wonderland will look great on your feeds.

Macaron Tea Party

dessert museum

Here’s your official invite to experience the Mad Hatter’s tea party – or at least, what we imagine it would look like! If you’re #extra, you should wear a pastel outfit to perfectly blend into the background of pastel macarons!

Piñata Pit

dessert museum

Ole, ole, ole! Transport yourself into a colorful carnival filled with pinatas, an actual carousell, and mango stall for some mouthwatering treats! Every angle in this room is Instagram worthy, so definitely won’t have any problems snapping a photo.

Visit the Dessert Museum!

dessert museum

In addition to these new rooms, guests can also expect to see fan-favorite rooms like The Marshmallow Room, Land of Giant Gummies, and the Donut Room! If you’ve never been to The Dessert Museum, check out our First-Timers Guide for details on how to make your experience a memorable one!

Instead of paying Php 799 upon entrance at the door, by booking in advance through Klook, you can easily save Php 250 per ticket! So, what are you waiting for? Plan your visit to the Dessert Museum with Klook today and get discounted admission!

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