Hotel Safety Protocols For A Safe and Fun Staycation Experience

klook team
klook team
12 Jul 2020
hotel safety

Hotel health and safety protocols to take note of

After 120 days in quarantine, we’re sure that the one thing we’re all craving for in common is adventure. While air travel and road trips aren’t possible at the moment, we can still find escapes within the city through hotel staycations! Just imagine: all-day air conditioning, fluffed bedsheets, and room service on demand - who wouldn’t want these?
Now that we are entering the ‘New Normal’, hotels around the country have imposed safety protocols to make sure we are staying safe and healthy amidst our staycation. To find out what these safety protocols are, keep reading!

On Arrival 

hotel reception
  • Sanitizing mats are provided upon entrance for guests to disinfect their shoes 
  • All guests must undergo body temperature checking using a thermal scanner by a qualified medical staff or trained hotel personnel before entering the hotel premises. 
  • Floors are marked for guests to observe Physical Distancing or Social Distancing of at least 1m apart from one another. 


hotel reception
  • Emergency contact numbers of public health authorities, nearest hospital or medical center, and the Department of Health Assistance Center will be readily available at the Front Desk  
  • Medical Kits and PPEs are readily available at the Front Desk: 
    • Disinfectant wipes for surface cleaning
    • Face masks or face shields 
    • Disposable waste bags 
    • 70% solution alcohol or alcohol-based hand sanitizer 
    • Tissue paper, napkin, or towel 
    • Disposable hand gloves 
  • Acrylic glass barriers will be set up for added protection to the reception staff and guests 
  • Official and up-to-date information about travel to and from destinations identified by the Department of Health will be available at the Front Desk.

 Check-In and Check-Out

hotel reception
  • A health declaration form is required to be filled out upon check-in
  • Contactless payment as well as online check-in and check-outs are highly encouraged 
  • There will be no back-to-back check-out and check-ins to allow housekeeping staff members to properly disinfect and clean the rooms 

Rooms and Housekeeping

hotel room
  • Only couples or family members who share the same household are allowed to occupy the same room .
  • Rooms are to be set up with convenient in-room dining for guests 
  • All housekeeping staff will wear personal protective equipment such as face masks, face shields, disposable gloves and/or gowns, and closed shoes. 
  • Rooms are to be decontaminated using enhanced technologies such as electrostatic sprayers with hospital-grade disinfectants, high efficiency particulate air filter, or germicidal ultraviolet light lighting system at least once every two weeks. 

Food and Beverage 

room service
  • All food and beverage personnel will wear PPEs and observe proper hygiene at all times. 
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer or 70% solution alcohol should be located around the facility where visitors can easily reach them. 
  • Restaurant or dining hall tables will be laid out as such that it enables Social Distancing.   
For the complete health and safety guidelines in the New Normal, you may visit the Department of Tourism’s website here: