10 Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hacks Even Potterheads Didn’t Know About


Harry Potter World Hacks and Secrets Only Wizards Would Know

It’s no wonder why people keep coming back to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. With magical surprises found left and right and franchise merchandise to complete the experience, Potterhead or not, this theme park will leave you feeling all kinds of nostalgia and excitement!

But in a place as magical as this, there’s bound to be a couple surprises and secrets that only magical folks know about. Want in on these Wizarding World secrets? Then keep reading!

1. Cast Secret Spells throughout the park

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida is about to get even more magical! Not many people know this but you can actually cast several secret spells throughout the entire park – and we’re sharing with you a couple secret spots throughout Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.

In Diagon Alley, you can cast up to 16 secret spells. One would be at Scribbulus Writing Implements. Over by the window, point your wand at the Marauders Map and perform a triangle movement with your wand. Another would be at Slug and Jiggers Apothecary where you can move the dragon’s poop by doing a clockwise motion with your wand then a line at the centre to release a smell. Beside it, you can point at the flower with an “h” movement using your want for it to bloom.

2. Get your actual mail delivered through the Owl Post

Here’s one way to make all your Potterhead friends jealous! Not only is the Owl Post another attraction to take a photo in front of, you can actually send out your mail and letters from here too! Just purchase a postcard, write a note, and just before sending it out, your letter will be stamped with the official Hogsmeade postmark! How cool is that? Who knows – they might be sending it out through owls as well.

3. Attend a Naming Ceremony for your Pygmy Puff

Photo Credit: Chris Yarzab on Flickr

Do you remember those adorable chubby furballs from the sixth film – Half-Blood Prince? You can own one just like it by purchasing one from either Zonko’s Joke Shop or Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, and if you want this exciting moment to be extra special, approach one of the staff and ask for a naming ceremony! Probably unnecessary, but it totally makes the experience ten times more magical – plus you’ll be reminded that your pygmy puff will need to be fed spiders, ear wax, and boogers to stay alive.

4. Enjoy a private tour of the Hogwarts Castle

Out of all the hacks on this list, this one our favorite one by far! It’s not everyday you get to visit Hogwarts (unfortunately), but it’s even more rare to be given a private tour of one of the most iconic halls in cinematic history! Whether or not you’re a Potterhead, you’re sure to geek out over this experience – and all you actually have to do is ask! No incantations needed.

Before or after you ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, approach a ride attendant outside for a castle tour. Now, typically this tour is only available during the quieter hours and low peak seasons – but it definitely doesn’t hurt to ask!

5. The Secret Drink Menu

While the rest of the muggles order up a Butterbeer, you might want to order off the menu for something more magical. At Hopping Pot and Hog’s Head of Pub, you can order a Deathly Hallows which is a concoction of strongbow cider, layered with Wizard’s Brew and a lager of Dragon Scale. Sounds daunting, but it’s oh-so-good!

There’s also Hog’s Tea and Pear Dazzle (vodka and pear cider) at Hog’s and Fire Whiskey – another top pick that’s off menu. If these don’t sound like your cup of tea, simply ask the bartender to whip you up something new and they’ll make it special.

6. Magical surprises throughout the theme park

You can trust in the Wizarding World to pull out all the stops to create the most magical experience for all its guests.

For instance, in Orlando, when guests visit the vanishing cabinet at Borgin and Burkes, they’ll hear a bird chirping inside the wardrobe. Other magical encounters you might chance upon are a boggart trapped inside a trunk and a horseless carriage by the Hogsmeade train platform to name a few!

7. Exchange your money for Gringotts Bank Notes

Play your wizard role well and have your money exchanged at the Gringotts Money Exchange! There you’ll be speaking with an animatronic goblin that will change your currency to Gringott Bank Notes that you can use to pay at Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, and some restaurants.

Head on over to Gringotts Money Exchange and find out if you’ve got any money saved up in their vaults! If there isn’t any, you can speak to one of the goblins and exchange your dollars ($10 or $20 bills) for Gringotts Bank Notes! The best part? You can actually use these across Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley for food and shopping!

8. Get on the phone with the Ministry of Magic

Sadly, we can’t pay a visit to the Ministry of Magic. However, you can phone them from a very specific London phone booth. Once you spot it, simply dial 62442 (MAGIC), and after a couple of rings, someone from the ministry will be available to talk to you.

9. Get sorted into your Hogwarts House

Before anything else, head on over to Filch’s Emporium of Confiscated Goods and get sorted into your Hogwarts House! Simply take a seat and put on the Sorting Hat – and it’ll place you in the house you truly belong. Afterwards, you can get all your house gears at the gift shop and walk around the park in your house colors!

10. You can learn your Hogwarts House Secret Handshake

In case you didn’t know, each house has its own special handshake – and only several people know about! If you want in on the secret, all you need to do is approach any on-ground staff in house robes (best luck is to try a staff member of the same house – wouldn’t want a snooty Slytherin snubbing you off) and they’ll gladly teach you! Apparently train conductors also know how, so you can approach them too!

Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

To keep the magic alive, the only secret we’ll be keeping is which Wizarding World Park you can actually enjoy these hacks – but we highly encourage you try it in whatever Wizarding World of Harry Potter park you visit. For discounted tickets and paperless bookings, purchase your Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Orlando, and Universal Studios Japan tickets via Klook!

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