Discover Real Fossils and New Dinosaurs At Science Centre Singapore’s DinoQuest

14 Mar 2020
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Bring the dinosaurs to life at DinoQuest

Resurrect your childhood dreams of unearthing the dinosaurs at Science Centre Singapore’s DinoQuest. An adventure for all ages, DinoQuest is an immersive interactive exhibition that takes you back to the Cretaceous period, when the Australian polar dinosaurs roamed the land.
This quest takes you through seven zones, where you’ll get to experience everything from coming face to face with the dinosaurs themselves, to drilling through rocks to find bona fide fossils yourself! What sets DinoQuest apart from many other dinosaur exhibitions of the past is how scientifically authentic it strives to be, while making the entire multi-sensory expedition a ton of fun.
DinoQuest runs from 1 June – 31 August at the Science Centre Singapore – take this chance to glimpse into a prehistoric universe like no other!
Explore more of Science Centre Singapore’s many exhibits while you’re there – plus, you can get a special price on a combo that includes entry, Omni Theatre Movie and Butterflies Up-Close experiences!
Here’s what you can expect on your DinoQuest expedition!
Before setting off, you’ll be issued an RFID i-DinoTag. Hang on to it – it’s your key to uncovering more about your very own fossil as you move through the different zones.

Zone 1: Explorer’s Hut

Here in the Explorer’s Hut, you’ll meet your guides, Professor V and her assistant Rex, via a Diorama Projection show that gives you a glimpse into how Australia’s very first dinosaur fossil was discovered.
Here’s where you’ll collect your fossil as well, using your DinoTag! Start to chip away at it carefully, to reveal the first clue.

Zone 2: Dinosaur of Darkness

Step inside, and you’ll find yourself suddenly transported eons back to the early Cretaceous period! The entire space recreates what Australia’s environment looks like when the polar dinosaurs roamed the land, down to the glistening Southern Lights criss-crossing the sky.
Here, you’ll see the Koolasuchus, Ankylosaur and Pterosaur as if they were alive, alongside Australia’s Dinosaur Cove native Leaellynasaura and Timimus – both of which were named after palaeontologist and DinoQuest curator Patricia Vickers-Rich’s children!

Zone 3: Extinction Theatre

Experience the disaster that extinguished the dinosaurs in Zone 3’s immersive 4D Extinction Theatre. Complete with smoke, lightning, volcanic eruptions and other effects, this show brings the theory of the dinosaur extinction event to life in a whole new way.

Zone 4: Dig Site

Combining hologram tech with the replica of an actual dig site, Zone 4’s Dig Site takes you through the process of fossilisation from start to finish. Take on the role of a Dinosaur Detective as you discover how fossils are formed, and learn to distinguish the different parts of a dinosaur’s anatomy.

Zone 5: Laboratory

Enter a palaeontologist’s high-tech laboratory, where you can get up close to the actual tools used in excavation projects and witness the real preparation process behind fossil extractions.
Get your hands in deep at the Bone Station, where you’ll get a chance to extract actual fossils! These rocks have been shipped in from the Dinosaur Cove excavation site in Australia and no one – not even the curators – know what they contain. Pick up that drill, and you might just make a stunning discovery!

Zone 6: Dinosaur Dreaming

Set your eyes on the dinosaur skeletons that represent the species found at Dinosaur Cove.
There are several interactive exhibits scattered around this zone, for visitors to get hands on with the science behind dinosaurs!
The concept of science being ever-changing is illustrated through a sliding digital screen, which shows how the world’s perception of the Iguanodon has warped and transformed from when it was first discovered, as new information and fossils were uncovered over time.
Here, you’ll also find an updated life-sized reconstruction of the tryannosauroid Timimus!

Zone 7: Activity Zone

By now, you would have fully extracted your fossil and have pieced together the dinosaur it once was. Scan in your DinoTag for a template, before bringing your prehistoric creature to life in a rainbow of colours!
After that, hatch and release your dinosaur into the Dinosaur Park, where it’ll roam amongst the other creations brought into existence by your fellow dinosaur scientists.

Have a roaring good time at DinoQuest this Summer

Regardless of age, DinoQuest is bound to amaze. Head down to Science Centre Singapore for a prehistoric expedition like nothing else before!

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