Single Trip: 10 Travel Destinations to Mend Your Broken Heart

klook team
klook team
14 Mar 2020
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Getaways for the brokenhearted

Break ups can be tough – the endless sobbing and sad playlists on repeat. But you know what might help? Packing your bags and embarking on a trip somewhere by yourself! Now that you’ve cried away all your sorrows, it’s time to put on a smile and travel solo.
It might be scary at first, but this is a great opportunity to take some time off and be on your own for a while. Take it one step (or country) at a time! Check out these top post-breakup destinations all over the world and jet off!

1. Batanes, Philippines: Self-Love on Top

Find tranquility from the misery. Let Batanes comfort you with its glorious mountains wrapped around the crystal blue waters. Up there, you can breathe in the fresh scent of the ocean, relax, and immerse yourself into Batanes’ local culture – far from the heartaches and pains in the city.
You can choose to discover Batanes’ beautiful landscape on your own or take part in Klook’s All-Inclusive 3-Day Tour, where you can discover two main islands of Batanes, enjoy the lush landscape of Vayang Rolling Hills, munch on mouthwatering Ivatan dishes, and even meet new friends as you go through this cathartic journey.

2. Bali, Indonesia: Dry those eyes in Paradise

Even though Bali is a current favorite destination for couples and newlyweds, that doesn’t mean singles can’t enjoy it, too, right? Besides, every inch of Bali is made out of paradise – you can surf and swim through the clear waters, walk through secluded falls, or eat fresh local food.
Wherever you go, you are sure to find that solitude your soul is looking for. If you want a little help with your spiritual travel experience, you can be a part of Klook’s full-day trip deal, so you can focus on nothing, and no one else but yourself.

3. Mt. Pulag: Peak Yourself Up

Pause the crying, and start hiking. Take your mind off things for a while as you trek up one of the highest peaks in the Philippines. It is suggested that you bring multiple layers of clothes as you might experience temperature drops and a drizzle of rain. The whole hike takes about 4-6 hours, so it’s best to start your adventure as early as 2 am in able to catch the breathtaking sunrise.
Once at the top, not only will you will forget every little heartache you have, and hopefully, finally get the inner peace your deserve.

4. Macchu Pichu: Lost City for the Lost Feelings

Machu Picchu is mostly filled with large ruins, amazing masonry, and luscious greens – making it one of the most interesting places to visit in the world and a popular destination for the brokenhearted.
Some say that their trip to Machu Picchu helped them rediscover themselves, some say it made them appreciate the beauty in their pain – but one thing’s for sure, for a place named Lost City, it is great at helping people find answers.

5. Bacolod: City of Smiling Through the Pain

When a place is known to be the City of Smiles, Sugar Capital of the Philippines, and the home of the inasal chicken, you best bet that your heartaches will be gone in no time.
Treat yourself to some sugary treats at Calea Bakery or El Ideal Bakery, and get that inasal fix at the famous Chicken House while you’re at it! If you want to go sightseeing, you can visit the iconic The Ruins where you can have that senti moment at the remains – not of your relationship – but a brilliant architectural piece.
Whatever you choose to do in Bacolod, one thing’s for sure – you are going to leave with a smile on your face.

6. New York: The Empire State of Restless Mind

The feelings that won’t let you sleep meets the city that never sleeps. If you want to deeply distract yourself from all the emotions you’re feeling, New York, is the ultimate destination.
New York City offers you all kinds of entertainment, you won’t even remember why you’re heartbroken. You can watch broadway shows, go shopping in SoHo, visit the Metropolitan Museum – the list could go on and on! But of course this self-love trip shouldn’t leave you with a hole in your pocket, so consider Klook’s hefty NYC deals to fully enjoy yourself!

7. Siargao: The Capital of Surfing Emotions Away

Getting over a break-up is just like learning how to surf. At first, you paddle around and try to take on any wave but you end up falling. Then eventually, you learn how to take your time and put more faith in yourself. So once the waves come, no matter how big, you are ready to stand and ride along.
Moving on and getting over a heartbreak will take a while, so if you go to Siargao, make the most out of it! You can surf, you can have a movie-like walk at the boardwalk, you can go on a food trip, or you can bike around the island – anything that would help you get back up, and it doesn’t matter if you succeed or you don’t.

8. Tokyo: Land of You’ll Rise Again

Tokyo is home to many things – the bright signages, the busy streets, the mouthwatering food, the stunning street fashion, and most importantly, the crazy, weird, and out of this world stuff found almost anywhere. But no matter where you go, one thing’s for sure, Japan is a great place for freeing the inner child in you – a perfect stop if you just want to let loose after a tough breakup.
You can visit Sanrio Puroland, Ghibli Museum, Robot Restaurant Show, and the single-friendly Ichiran Ramen – basically, whatever the inner child in you desire, Tokyo has the answer! You can even skip the lines and treat yourself with Klook’s Tokyo deals!

9. Zambales: Province for your Problems

Sometimes in a relationship, there’s a tendency to limit your world to your special someone and you ended up losing touch of what’s around you. That’s why this Hiking and Yangil Tribe Experience in Zambales is a great way to reconnect to other people, nature, the culture, and most importantly, yourself.
In this experience, you’ll discover the culture of our Aeta brothers and sisters, hike up to their ancestral domains, help them plant trees, and try their local food.
Let this trip remind you that there truly is more to life than a relationship!

10. Paris: City of Self-Love

Turn the city of love into a city of self-love. Tower upon your emotions as you visit the ever-iconic Eiffel Tower, triumph over heartaches as you stop at the Arc de Triomphe, and feel like a work of art at The Louvre Museum. You can even top all of that by indulging in the finest patisseries sprinkled around the city.
After putting all your time, effort, and attention to someone, it’s about time to give the same amount of love to yourself – even if that means getting on a plane and taking over the city of love on your own or with a little help from Klook’s sweet Paris deals!

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