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Michael Published 47 days ago
The Whitsundays and great barrier Reef are probably one of the top destinations on earth to fly over. we had perfect weather and everything from check-in to pick up to the flight itself was as smooth as silk. Was a bit hard to hear the pilot's commentary through the headphones but the views made it hard to focus on the commentary anyway.
Michael Published 48 days ago
What one of the best day trips I have done in over 20 years of travel across 30+ countries. who would have thought such a gem can be found in my own state. Cheren has been an outstanding guide and has made a profound impression on my partner and I. she is an irreplaceable asset to the company and is worth her weight in gold (literally and figuratively). An absolute MUST do for anyone visiting the Whitsundays!
Peter Published 222 days ago
This was an amazing day of ocean rafting with snorkelling in two fantasic locations and then Whitehaven beach. Since our boat was small enough, it could get right up to the shore line of Hill inlet at the Northern end of Whitehave beach near Champagne Bay. This spot is a must visit and the most iconic location of all the Whitsundays. I loved everything about this day and the crew made it especially great with a fun loving attitude to their job. I would definitely do this again.
Kerem Published 259 days ago
Ocean Rafting by skipper Ivan & his son Luke (deckhand) was great. They answered all our questions & even managed to take us to a specific spot on the roof as I mentioned the reef looked a bit bleached, so they took us to another spot where it was more colourful & plenty of fish. Highly recommended!
Dylan Published 384 days ago
fantastic! drinks supplied all day! with a good selection.. bar opens from 10pm too. food was way beyond our expectation with fruit and cake for morning tea then ham and cheese croissants. lunch was burgers with 4 different salads and prawns. also there was chicken and chorizo too, followed by cheese and olives for afternoon tea. a really cool experience laying on the trampoline over the water, you will get wet!!
Dong Published 571 days ago
Recommended for the adrenaline junkie, whether you have done this before or not, as it is easy enough to learn for a beginner. Guides were very helpful and encouraging, though the safety instructions at the beginning were quite long... sunscreen and sunglasses provided for the ride. Free photos provided too. Get to see some great views from out of shore and at the same time enjoy the thrill of high speed on the sea.