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Discover the greener and less-touristy side of Vietnam with this exciting 3.5-hour exploration of a village near the Hoi An area. Get picked up at your hotel/accommodation in central Hoi An, before you hop on a bike and start making your way to the village. Take in the sights of the lush vegetation and bright flowers as you pedal past crystal-clear rivers and rice fields. Once you arrive at your destination, you'll immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions as you try out traditional net fishing and visit craft shops that specialize in bamboo products. Step inside a round bamboo boat and enjoy a brief lesson on paddling, then proceed to the water coconut forest and learn about it from your English-speaking tour guide. Head back to the village and get ready for a show like no other as villagers perform inside a basket boat, go boat racing, and demonstrate proper crab fishing techniques. You'll also get to meet and get to know some of the local people as you stop by a house and enjoy traditional Vietnamese snacks like Fried Spring Rolls (Chả Giò,) Vietnamese Pancakes (Bánh Xèo,) as well as some refreshing drinks! After eating, say goodbye to your host and pack up, before you get dropped off back at central Hoi An.
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US$ 25.50
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Bike and Bite in Hoi An

4.8 30 reviews | 600+ Booked
If you love cycling and food (and who doesn't), then you are looking at the right trip. The Bike and Bite in Hoi An Tour is a great way to see and taste the city, getting a glimpse into everyday urban life. This 10km ride will let you enjoy all the delicious street food guilt-free, as you will be able to burn it all off right away. Meet up at 3:00pm and cycle through authentic Hoi An neighborhoods and visit rice field villages. Marvel at the magnificent Chuc Thanh Pagoda founded in 1454 by a Buddhist monk from China - this is the oldest pagoda in Hoi An. Sample 9 delicious local dishes at 5 tasting spots and head back for well earned rest at 8:00pm.
US$ 39.00
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Countryside on Bicycles Private Tour

4.5 4 reviews | 400+ Booked
Explore the natural and cultural splendor of Vietnam in full with a bike ride through Hoi An's picturesque countryside. Pedal past paddy rice fields, small quaint villages and atmospheric gardens. You will have three amazing options to choose from. The 3 hour Experience At Tra Que Herb Village will introduce you to all the intricacies of a farmer's life: from watering the earth to picking greens. The longer Cam Thanh Village Cycling Tour In Hoi An will teach you how to dry and smoke fish and let you paddle a traditional boat through the exotic waterways of Cam Thanh coconut village. For a complete experience, take both these in for a whole day of countryside activities in Hoi An on the full day tour.
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Grandma's Vietnamese Home Cooking Class

4.5 31 reviews | 300+ Booked
Get the culinary experience of a lifetime with this fun and exciting group cooking class in Hoi An, where you'll discover Vietnam's unique cultural heritage and practices that give their cuisine its distinct flavors. Meet up with your group at 61 Ngo Quyen Street, then immediately depart for your classroom, located on a small island in Hoi An's River Delta. Enjoy a peaceful boat ride to the island, and bask in the quiet surroundings for the duration of the journey. You can also choose to have a chat with your fellow classmates and English-speaking instructor instead! Once you arrive, meet the local family who will serve as your hosts for the class, then take a few minutes to savor a refreshing welcome drink served with some fresh fruits. Before the class officially begins, visit a local herb garden and learn how to make your own rice milk/paper the traditional way. Get detailed instructions on how to make four different Vietnamese dishes: Banh Xeo, a rice flour crepe stuffed with tasty ingredients, grilled pork skewers, papaya salad, and a fish dish. On a vegetarian diet? The cooking class also offers an alternative menu to cater to your dietary needs! After the class ends, taste the fruits of your labors in the family's garden, where you'll get to to know your hosts and your classmates and maybe even sample each other's dishes. If you want to further immerse yourself in the local culture, you can choose to participate in the optional bicycle or market tours, or do both if you're feeling adventurous!
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Cam Kim Island Bicycle Tour

4.3 20 reviews | 200+ Booked
Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and see the untouched beauty of nature with this five-hour bicycle tour of the quiet Cam Kim Island. Located only 10 minutes away from Hoi An, Cam Kim Island is a great option for those looking to go beyond the area's popular tourist attractions. Meet up with your tour group at 567 Hai Bà Trưng, then once the group is complete, you'll head to the nearby dock and hop on a ferry to the island. After arriving, hop on your bicycle and start pedaling through the secluded island, surrounded by lush vegetation, rice paddies with water buffalos, and crystal-clear waters. Experience the island's day-to-day life by attending a boat building workshop and a carpentry workshop, where you'll learn about two of their biggest sources of income. Visit a local preschool to meet and play with the adorable kids, before you step inside a basket boat and explore a forest in the area that's filled entirely with coconut trees! Take a quick break for lunch and savor a hot bowl of Mì Quảng, a Vietnamese noodle dish that's one of the most popular in the region, then proceed to the last stop of the tour, a local wine factory where you'll learn how authentic Vietnamese rice wine is made. After this, get ready to pack up and head back to Hoi An, where you can spend the rest of the day exploring the city on your own.
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Tra Que Village Bicycle Tour

4.6 11 reviews | 200+ Booked
See the quieter side of Vietnam by exploring the countryside with this exciting four-hour day tour of Tra Que Village from Hoi An! Meet up with your guide and group near central Hoi An, then hop on your bike and proceed to start making your way toward the village. Bask in the peacefulness of the area as you pedal past crystal-clear rivers and green rice fields, all the while hearing fun stories and interesting facts about the area from your English-speaking guide. When you arrive at the village, you'll get to observe the day-to-day lives of the locals as you see and visit farms. Learn about how they grow and harvest crops, then get your hands dirty by trying out gardening plants and harvesting vegetables. Master the art of making rice paper, used for popular Vietnamese dishes like Rice Paper Rolls (Gỏi Cuốn,) as you grind rice, stretch, and dry the rolls yourself! Once the group is finished in the kitchen, take a quick break for lunch and enjoy a hot bowl of Hoi An's Pho and a refreshing bottle of water. Chat with your guide and the villagers and discover how the city's version of the iconic pho differs from how other cities in Vietnam, before you start packing up to bike back to Hoi An.
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What people are saying about Bike Tours in Hoi An

VOLHA Published 482 days ago
Just a 40 min ride from Da Nang and you find yourself in Hoi An (aka Vietnamese Venice) - a beautiful of yellow bikes, colorful buildings with picturesque flower gardens on their balconies, friendly people, craftsmen of all kinds, freshly roasted coffee on every corner. Go further and take a bike tour to discover picturesque views of rice fields, ride a buffalo (it looks like they take good care of the animal), take a boat trip through coconut jungles, meet some craftsmen and watch splashy water performance, and finally enjoy your meal at a cozy restaurant right next to the river (btw you they can arrange a cooking class for you there as well). Everything went according to the plan, and was very well organized. The tour guy was very nice, and took lots of beautiful pictures during the tour. Very good experience, I would recommend this tour.
Juliet Published 534 days ago
Fantastic way to experience Hoi An culture and food! I had a wonderful guide Vi, who was so informative, kind and attentive to everything I could possibly need. She had so much knowledge and it was very interesting and great to experience the market, and food culture. The day was full of great activities and the homestead is a really lovely, peaceful and relaxing place to be. Great explanations, demonstrations, and hands on experience of how the rice has traditionally been milled, becomes rice milk, and how it comes to be rice paper, even making my own. Also such a personal experience with grandma making an appearance to demonstrate how the rice is dehusked and separated; at 94 years of age! The recipes are delicious and can be made once I go home, especially as the cookbook with the recipes we made is provided. They are so caring and even provide you with ways to contact them in the cookbook for when you go home should you need recipe support, or suggestions for alternative ingredients if you can’t get ones in the recipes at home. Lots of delicious food, I suggest you do not eat breakfast before coming! A definite must do if you love Vietnamese food.
Alison Published 562 days ago
We lucked out and had a private tour with Gum to ourselves. She was so friendly, knowledgeable, and considerate; answering all of our questions, food-related or otherwise! Gum was also an expert navigator on the roads, ensuring we were close behind her and safe in traffic. She even followed up the tour with a list of further recommendations and a bunch of amazing photos she’d taken for us. This tour was one of our favorite parts of our time in Hoi An!
Mason Published 578 days ago
This is a great activity, especially if you have kids. Our guide spoke English well. You’ll ride to a farming village where you see all the produce sold in Hoi An. Then you’ll try your hand at making rice crackers. Finally you’ll get to try out farming for yourself. The bike ride was pleasant and picturesque through the village and rice paddies. Finally, you’ll finish up at one of Hoi An’s better banh mi shop.
Jody Published 587 days ago
This was definitely the highlight of my trip! As my family was staying in Da Nang city and not Hoi An, the tour agency offered to arrange for private car pickup for us at a reasonable price, which was very convenient. For those hesitating about the buffalo ride, don’t worry, the buffalo is very clean as it has a bath every morning! The coconut forest boat tour was really fun as well, especially when our boatman decided to spin us round and round in our little round boat! Despite it raining hard, this did not dampen our spirits. The meal at the local village was also delicious and satisfying (:
Travis Published 635 days ago
The meet up location is easily within walking distance of Ancient City area. I was a little worried that riding a bike in traffic would be dangerous, but our guide was well alert and used obvious hand signals to guide us. After a few minutes, we were off the city roads and pedaling at a relaxed pace through the countryside. We declined to ride the Buffalo, that's just not our style, but we got some good pictures. The boat ride, I was expecting a relaxed float down the river, but it was sort of a party on the water, complete with dancers on the river. Smooth taxi ride back to Hoi An. A fun half-day excursion.

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