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Hoi An City and Countryside Tour

4.6 115 reviews | 1K+ Booked
The wandering never ends in the beautiful ancient town of Hoi An. In this immersive city and countryside tour, become a local for a day and discover the physical and intangible heritage of this well-beloved city in Vietnam. Choose from a variety of packages––each crafted with distinct itineraries––and select your ideal Hoi An adventure. In the morning tour, travel to the charming rural setting of Cam Thanh Village. Traverse lush rice paddies by riding a buffalo and cruise along a winding river towards the famed Coconut Forest aboard a traditional bamboo basket boat! In the afternoon tour, see well-preserved 15th to 19th-century structures and artifacts that has entranced tourists and locals alike for its indigenous and foreign make. Travel back to awe-inspiring past of the UNESCO World Heritage Site by visiting the Hoi An Museum, the ornate Chinese Assembly Halls, and the emblematic Japanese Covered Bridge. In the full day tour, experience it all in the comfort of exploring at your own pace! Finally, in the evening tour, witness the quaint little town lit up in a constellation of city lights and a vibrant display of street performances. Start the tour with a home-cooked dinner at a local’s home then stand by for a spectacular sunset while sipping on a delicious cup of Vietnamese coffee. Afterwards, sail down the Bach Dang river amidst the warm glow of floating candles along the river. Next, travel and hang out at the night market to shop and taste local specialties! A game of bai cho, a traditional Vietnamese bingo game, will be waiting for you after so be ready and put your game face on! Before the evening tour ends, enjoy a relaxing foot massage after a day of exploring. Explore Hoi An in all its ancient glory and embrace the peaceful local life.
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US$ 13.00
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Hoi An Evening Walking Food Tour

4.7 39 reviews | 400+ Booked
Enjoy a fun night out with the locals with this tour that shows you how they eat, live, drink, and have fun. Meet up with the tour group 567 Hai Ba Trung Street to start the tour. From there, your guide will take you to some stalls that will serve you delicious Vietnamese delicacies like White Rose, Sweet Soup, and Bread. You'll be taken to a local market where you can get the chance to try out more food like Ca Lou noodles and visit some local stalls and shops. After that, you will also get the chance to taste the delicious and iconic Vietnamese coffee. Make sure not too eat too much because right after your coffee break, you'll head to a local house and have dinner with a local family, where you'll get to see and experience how locals live and eat first hand. After dinner, hop on a traditional boat and release beautiful flower garlands into the river, while listening to the stories of the boatmen. Weather permitting, the last leg of the tour is where you'll get to experience traditional Vietnamese games like Bai Choi (bingo) and Dap Nieu, a game where you have to hit a hanging pot while blindfolded. At the end of the tour, you can choose to return to your hotel or hang out a bit more and explore the rest of the city on your own.
US$ 32.00
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Hoi An Street Food Walking Tour

4.7 22 reviews | 300+ Booked
Discover Vietnam's best food and unique flavors as you walk around the engaged streets of Hoi An during this two-hour food tour. Meet up with your guide and group at 567 Hai Bà Trưng, then once the group is complete, you'll begin your journey through the engaged city. Learn about its unique heritage and history from your English-speaking tour guide as you traverse Hoi An's scenic streets. Find the best and most popular street food stalls and stores in the city with the help of your guide and sample a variety of delicious and authentic Vietnamese dishes, including Bánh Mì (Vietnamese Baguette Sandwich,) Gỏi Cuốn (Spring Rolls,) and Cao Lau (Hoi An Noodles). Don't worry if you have any allergies or strict diets – just inform the tour operator at checkout and they'll alter the day's menu to accommodate your needs. Enjoy a cup of authentic Vietnamese coffee, famous for it's mix of strong drip coffee and sweet condensed milk, that's sure to re-energize you for the rest of the day! You'll also stop by the home of a local family and get to know their day-to-day lives and activities, before the tour concludes near the city center, where you can either retire to your accommodation or go out exploring on your own!
US$ 23.00
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Classic Walking Tour in Hoi An

5.0 1 reviews | 100+ Booked
US$ 19.00
US$ 18.00
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US$ 39.00
US$ 38.00
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Walking Tour and Cooking Class in Hoi An

5.0 1 reviews | 100+ Booked
US$ 35.00
US$ 34.00
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US$ 45.00
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What people are saying about Walking Tours in Hoi An

Lay Hong Published 571 days ago
We did street food tour at Hanoi and really enjoyed it so decided to do another food tour at Hoi An. Our tour guide is Christine, a very nice lady who can speak good English. The food is a lot nicer than the one we bought from the night market the night before. It’s a great way to understand the local culture and history. Highly recommend this tour.
Jhen Ming Published 580 days ago
Foods always deeply connected to local culture. We tried 9 different kinds of food tonight.Almost each of them has its own story. We know more about Hoi An's history after joining this tour. BTW, our tour guide,Christine's English was extremely great. She was so friendly and professional. I really recommend people to join this tour. But don't forget to empty your stomach before starting this tour or you might be too full!!!
Jody Published 586 days ago
First ever food tour and it was amazing! Our guide Gum spoke really fluent English and was very knowledgeable about the local culture. She was very interactive throughout the whole tour, and introduced us to many good food in Hoi An! As you would need to walk from place to place, you will have time to digest your food along the way, so feel free to eat to your content if you’re up for it! The boat ride along Hoai River was very tranquil and the bingo game at the end of the tour was really fun too! My dad was super hyped for it, and guess what, he was the winner of the game! How lucky (:
Hwee Hwee Published 600 days ago
The morning guide was cheerful and full of smiles. We had fun riding on the water buffalo. The owner was skilful and sensitive to the rider and the buffalo. The coconut basket ride was enjoyable too. They took their time to bring us through the waterway to the restaurant. Though they couldn’t speak English, they use simple words like, ‘photo’ and hand gestures to communicate to us. As the weather was pleasant, we were all relaxing on the boats. Dishes at the restaurant were simple yet tasty. The hosts were warm and friendly. They spoke good English too. Strongly recommend the countryside tour for something different. The afternoon tour was informative. Christine spoke English well and was patient and got along very well with our children. She was also humble and the learning was two-way and enriching. She chose the 5 best places to show us the ancient Hoi An town. Having being born and grew up in the ancient town, you can feel her love for the place. She also shares her personal memories about the town and the people she knows. Overall, a great way to take in the sights and sounds of Hoi An and learn more about Hoi An. Our group of ten had a lovely time with her. She is young but experienced and paced the tour well to suit the needs of our group.
May Teing Published 619 days ago
Highly recommend this experience in Hoi An. Throughout this experience, we able to taste the Vietnamese home cook dishes, coffee and delicious local street food. The tour guide 'Gum' can speak fluent English. She is friendly and tell us a lot about the local cultures. We ended the activities with boat ride, foot massage and their local bingo game. Overall, It was really fun and interesting tour for us.
Cindy Published 646 days ago
This is the second food tour I’ve done in Vietnam. I really liked Ngoc (Emma) as our guide. She took us to the original places for Hoi An’s staple dishes (Cao lau, banh mi, white rose, black sesame soup and then a coffee.) I liked how there was a back story to every dish and what made the dish unique to hoi an. She was great at answering my questions.

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