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There's so much more to see in Sabah, particularly the mysterious Maliau Basin. Get a chance to explore this natural conservation area's pristine rainforests with this tour. Kick off your adventure with a 4-hour ride to the Maliau Basin Study Centre (MBSC), where you'll register and stay overnight. Enjoy a sumptuous lunch by the forest and join an introductory walk after your meal. Learn about Malia Basin's endemic inhabitants, as well as the story behind its famous moniker, 'Sabah's Lost World', from your guide. Go for a late night thrill with this tour's night drive, where you'll get a chance to visit habitats of nocturnal animals. Catch sight of these elusive creatures and try your best to keep quiet. Wake up early for another wildlife sighting, this time at the nature trails of the center. Go bird watching by the sky bridge and marvel at the untouched wilderness surrounding the place. Watch out for hornbills and other bird species that frequent the area. End the tour with a ride back to your hotel at noon.
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What people are saying about Night Tours in Sabah

heyun Published 458 days ago
We went on February 24th! This is a must-have course if you are going to Kota Kinabalu !!! ATV riding on the longest beach in Kota Kinabalu was really good ㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ My parents took me there, but my parents also liked it! (Both of you are driving) When you come to pick up, you will be contacted first by Katok! Please send the pickup vehicle as a photo! So it was so easy! The vehicle was only taken by our team. When we arrived, there were other teams, but there were no Chinese because of the corona, so one team or two more teams came. When you arrive, run a couple of courses to drive the ATV, then run the beach! Since we were the first team, we ran on a beach with no footprints, but it was really good ㅠㅠ and it was better to play with Ko Young-hee, who grew up there. If you go to this package and go for a beer, the time is just right. If you go to Kota Kinabalu again, this is an activity you want to do again! I don't have much to do with Kota Kinabalu, but this is highly recommended !!! @@
Yoonji Published 483 days ago
Our guide (Jonny) was the best! thanks to him we could get amazing and special memories. and I released all stress as riding the atv. exactly the sunset view was the best. I recommend Jonny guide! he is so smart, can speak many languages (Malaysian, Chinese, English), explained us about various things about Kota Kinabalu. It feels I got a good friend :) <It's for Korean tourist> You won't regret it! Ride the atv on the beach with nobody, and the backdrop is complete with picturesque sunsets! Not only that, the fireflies were as beautiful as they dreamed of. The tour to the town where I enjoyed the tour was also the one with the most local feeling. You'll never regret it (I don't write any reviews well, this is real)
Arge Louise Joy Published 485 days ago
We had a really good time during this tour. Our tour guide, Kuma, was friendly and had given us plenty of freedom to spend the free times as we liked. First, we had a taste of the famous coconut pudding, which was a refreshing treat. The next stop was the most exciting part of the tour which was the ATV ride. The course was not that hard but still very exciting for beginners. The attraction guides made sure that nobody gets left behind. After doing the course, we had a chance to ride the ATV by the beach where we witnessed a breathtaking sunset. Finally, we were graced by a sparkle of fireflies, lighting up trees (as the other tourists mentioned: like a Christmas tree) and the river as they fly above the water. No pictures were taken here due to the dark. It is also not advisable to take pictures and use flashlights because they are sensitive to artificial light. Overall, I think this tour package is a must-try for everyone visiting Kota Kinabalu.
MINYOUNG Published 507 days ago
Recommended! You're on the pick up time, and the journey time is about two hours each way. When I go to Nanamun Beach, I visit a coconut pudding store and a rest area. Give ATV a photo ride when you arrive! We practice together along the tracks and we also have free time on the beach. Sweating is great ㅋㅋㅋ If you don't mind burning your skin in the sun, wear it cool. Dinner is served upscale but not luxurious and splendid but hungry after the activity; Sunset is beautiful too! Lots of people, Tanjung Aruang is another feeling. Finally, experience fireflies! It's really amazing because of the combination of stars and fireflies floating in the sky! You will never see it in the city center. And guide Victor !! Thank you for making the perfect tour from the guide to the ATV demonstration, taking pictures, and catching fireflies :)
MISUN Published 508 days ago
It was a tour that I learned and decided a lot. I had a lot of trouble because it was a tour with my mom. I couldn't find an ATV + firefly combination (even though ATV was on board within 15 minutes). It was a tour with Johnny guide and it was really relaxing and fun. ATV seems to have boarded within 45 minutes. Course turn time, 20 minutes free time like this! It was so good that there were so few tourists at Nanamun Beach that I could feel the speed! After dinner at ATV, we have dinner at the beach. We had a small packaged kimchi. And after dinner, we watch sunset and show rat fire. It's very short, but pretty :) And the firefly tour doesn't have a picture, but it's really indescribable. Firefly sparkle is still noticeable at the same time as the stars are pouring down. It's amazing how you volunteer to leave a review. It was a pleasant trip.
KUIEW FUNG Published 533 days ago
Wonderful experience driving ATV while watching sunset along the beach. Our guide, John is very friendly. Package included one coconut pudding, simple kuih for teatime and local buffet style dinner. One thing can be improved would be the ATV, it might run out of function while driving halfway. Enjoyed the fireflies in the night as the place is less crowded and lots of stars. John is also good at taking photos while you're driving ATV. Overall a great experience and would recommend to friends.

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