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Mantanani Snorkeling & Kawa Kawa River Cruise

4.1 656 reviews | 10K+ Booked
Veer off the beaten track, beat tourist crowds and explore the hidden Malaysian oasis of Mantanani Island, a great location for diving, snorkeling, bird watching and more. Located off the north-west coast of the state of Sabah, Malaysia, the island is home to many marine animals. You will have two fun options to choose from, depending on your preferences: a Mantanani snorkeling only package or Mantanani snorkeling plus a Kawa Kawa River cruise. The first one takes you to the best locations for exploring the underwater world with an abundance of coral reefs. Whilst the river cruise option also lets you relax over a buffet dinner while observing fireflies. You choose!
US$ 56.75
US$ 50.75
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Kawa Kawa Fireflies Sunset Cruise

4.1 247 reviews | 3K+ Booked
Located about 112km northeast of Kota Kinabalu, Kawa Kawa is an enchanting little village and, for most visitors, love at first sight. The village's vivid greenery and beautiful landscapes serve as the perfect playground for Malaysia's famous Proboscis Monkeys. The untouched natural oasis is a great place to spot rare wildlife, so hop on a river cruise that takes you past their habitats and keep your camera ready. After a delicious dinner of local delicacies, you will even get to see an evening fireflies show, watching the little light bugs fire up the sky.
US$ 38.40
US$ 31.39
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Klias River Fireflies Safari Cruise

4.3 207 reviews | 2K+ Booked
Klias Wetland is a mangrove forest reserve and a destination quickly gaining popularity with tourists. Catch it before it becomes a tourist hotspot and experience the best of Kilas while it's still quiet and pristine. One of the major attractions is, of course, the chance to spot the rare Proboscis Monkeys. The tree-dwelling celebrities typically show up after sunset, so make sure you keep your eyes out for them as you sail along the river. You'll also enjoy a delicious dinner onboard and watch fireflies dance in the night sky.
US$ 42.29
US$ 33.85
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Escape the hustle and bustle of the crowded city and take some time off to relax with this dinner cruise in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Simply proceed to Sutera Marina Jetty at least fifteen minutes before your chosen cruise departs, board the ferry, and you're good to go! If you don’t want to make your own way to the jetty, you can even book a round trip transfer service at extra cost for added convenience. Once you're on board, take in the stunning views of Kota Kinabalu's peaceful islands and water villages, which light up beautifully once the sun begins to set. Take photos of the stunning sky, which is painted with splashes of colors during sunset and becomes littered with bright stars as soon as the moon emerges. Feast on a delicious buffet spread filled with international delights as you listen to the awesome music being played by live musicians. After you're done eating, spend some time burning off the extra calories by letting loose on the dance floor, before the cruise ends and you disembark back at Sutera Marina Jetty.
US$ 78.49
US$ 45.40
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US$ 60.39
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Malaysia is full of secret spots that have not yet become popular tourist destinations. This makes them an absolute heaven for travelers seeking something different, quiet and unspoilt. Weston Wetland is one of the most naturally beautiful areas in Borneo with marvelous views, stunning sunsets and rich wildlife. After your arrival, enjoy a set of light refreshments at the lodge. Go on a river safari and look out for wildlife including Proboscis Monkeys, and soak up the wonderful views as the sun sets. Relax over a buffet dinner then marvel at a night fireflies show before heading back to Kota Kinabalu.
US$ 45.89
US$ 39.85
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Quaint remote little corners that will let you reload and re-energize away from the noise and crowds are few and far between. That's why we are sure you will simply love your time in Tamau Cilipadi Village. Located about a hundred kilometers to the North Eats of Kota Kinabalu, this hidden oasis boasts paddy fields, mangrove forests and is home to the rare Proboscis Monkeys. See the sun set over this little paradise as you head for a magical fireflies cruise for an amazing light show and a delectable buffet spread.
US$ 51.20
US$ 38.65
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Get a closer look at the natural beauty and culture of Borneo on a half day trip to Borneo Cultural Village. Borneo Cultural Village is the largest of its kind in Sabah, boasting 7 ethnic traditional houses: Chinese House, Brunei House, Murut House, Kadazan Penampang House, Bajau House, Tidung House, and Dusun Papar House. In this tour, you'll get an insight into the cultural diversity of the ethnic groups. Watch a live traditional dance performance, and learn how to cook Curry Chicken and Indian style pan cake using bamboo. Depending on your package, you'll proceed to Klias River Mangrove, where you'll enjoy a scenic cruise through spectacular vistas. You'll watch the beautiful sunset on boat, and then marvel at the natural light show as hundreds of fireflies put on a glowing performance. This tour is perfect for first time visitors in Borneo and those who want to know more about the island's fascinating ethnic culture.
US$ 41.05
US$ 39.85
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Discover the hidden beauty of Mantanani Islands in this thrilling scuba diving experience along the untouched coast. Mantanani Islands is a group of islands located northwest of Kota Belud, near Kota Kinabalu. It is known to be the Maldives of Sabah due to its turquoise water and white sandy beaches. After being picked up at your hotel, head to the Kota Belud jetty or Jesselton Point jetty and prepare for an adventure in the water. You'll arrive at the first diving spot, where a professional instructor will teach you how to dive. Then you'll take a boat to the second diving spot, where you'll see dugongs and the rare Scops owl. Then sit back and relax on your way back where home-made cakes, tea, and coffee, will be waiting for you. The second parting of this activity is a cruise and a delicious buffet dinner.
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US$ 102.65
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Nanamun River Cruise in Sabah

4.0 1 reviews | 100+ Booked
US$ 31.39
US$ 30.19
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US$ 43.49
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US$ 44.69
US$ 43.00
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What people are saying about Cruises in Sabah

Janice Mae Published 778 days ago
The Borneo Cultural Village Tour was a wonderful experience. Our guide Ven, as well as the other staff, were very nice and entertaining. The tour was informative as well as interesting. You will learn a lot about the culture of tribes, and you will get to try out traditional snacks and drinks that are all very good. The activities were enjoyable as well. The lunch buffet was delicious. This tour is definitely a must-do especially for first timers in Sabah. 👍🏻
Nurul Faizatul Amira Published 260 days ago
such a nice exprience having a buffet on cruise. but unfortunately the wheather was not good on that day so we're quite dissapointed due to unable to watch the sunset. we only manage to take a few pictures around the cruise before stay inside because of rainy day. the food was nice but not too many choice but we are really enjoying performance while eating.💃
heyun Published 458 days ago
We went on February 24th! This is a must-have course if you are going to Kota Kinabalu !!! ATV riding on the longest beach in Kota Kinabalu was really good ㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ My parents took me there, but my parents also liked it! (Both of you are driving) When you come to pick up, you will be contacted first by Katok! Please send the pickup vehicle as a photo! So it was so easy! The vehicle was only taken by our team. When we arrived, there were other teams, but there were no Chinese because of the corona, so one team or two more teams came. When you arrive, run a couple of courses to drive the ATV, then run the beach! Since we were the first team, we ran on a beach with no footprints, but it was really good ㅠㅠ and it was better to play with Ko Young-hee, who grew up there. If you go to this package and go for a beer, the time is just right. If you go to Kota Kinabalu again, this is an activity you want to do again! I don't have much to do with Kota Kinabalu, but this is highly recommended !!! @@
Cris Edward Published 478 days ago
Very fun experience. You'll learn a lot about the tribe's culture. Everyone of the staff are very friendly and they always smile and laugh. There were only 11 tourists because of COVID-19 but they all gave us a wonderful time and the performers were all out on their performance. Thanks to Viktor, our driver, he's friendly, knowledgeable, and an excellent driver. 10/10 would recommend.
Kathleen Joy Published 481 days ago
Really enjoyed our tour in Borneo Cultural Village. We were really able to experience their culture. Got to try their dance, their native hunting instrument, cooking curry and roti, and various food samples from the different tribes. The buffet lunch was also good. They also offered free henna tattoo.
Yoonji Published 483 days ago
Our guide (Jonny) was the best! thanks to him we could get amazing and special memories. and I released all stress as riding the atv. exactly the sunset view was the best. I recommend Jonny guide! he is so smart, can speak many languages (Malaysian, Chinese, English), explained us about various things about Kota Kinabalu. It feels I got a good friend :) <It's for Korean tourist> You won't regret it! Ride the atv on the beach with nobody, and the backdrop is complete with picturesque sunsets! Not only that, the fireflies were as beautiful as they dreamed of. The tour to the town where I enjoyed the tour was also the one with the most local feeling. You'll never regret it (I don't write any reviews well, this is real)

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