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Maliwan Thai Cooking Class

4.8 73 reviews | 1K+ Booked
Many people say that you learn a country best by its food, and this Maliwan Thai cooking class will have you discovering the finer details of cooking authentic Thai cuisine. Located in Khaosan Road, you'll be instructed by top-notch instructors in the art of Thai cooking through small class sizes which ensure a real hands-on experience. You'll first go on a Tuk Tuk ride, which is yourtrip to the market where you'll be able to tour the stalls. You'll be able to select your ingredients. This allows you to get a closer look at which ingredients are vital to the cuisine. Upon arriving back at the school, you will be able to watch the instructors cook two dishes. You will take after their example soon after, and construct your own version of the dish, which you will later enjoy for lunch! Then another demonstration of two dishes will be done, which you will once again learn from in order to do it yourself. After you enjoy this second round of dishes, you will receive a personalized certification. You're now ready to bring home the Thai cooking skills you've learned!
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US$ 35.99
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Go Thai Cooking Class

4.7 49 reviews | 1K+ Booked
Test your skills in the kitchen, all while learning new and authentic Thai dishes, with this fun cooking class in Bangkok's old town area. Meet up with your tour group at Charoen Krung Soi 44 for a brief introduction to the class, then proceed to a local market nearby, filled with all the fresh produce you'll need for the class. Get to know the local vendors as you explore the engaged market and shop for the ingredients you'll need with your tour group. You'll then head back to the classroom to set up your very own station and finally start cooking! Discover all the secrets to cooking delicious Thai cuisine with the detailed, step-by-step directions of your English-speaking instructor. Make popular Thai savory dishes, including Pad Thai, Tom Kha Gai, Som Tam, and even Sticky Rice with Mango for dessert! Once you're done cooking, you'll enjoy a meal with your classmates and instructors as you exchange stories with one another, before you leave the classroom with a full stomach and a recipe book for you to use at home.
US$ 41.99
US$ 35.09
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Sompong Thai Cooking Class

4.9 4,001 reviews | 40K+ Booked
Begin a truly authentic Thai food cooking experience from a top cooking class in Bangkok, guided by qualified, professional instructors. Sompong Thai Cooking School offers one of the best cooking classes in Bangkok - attested by the hundreds of 5 star reviews on Tripadvisor! Kick off the day by learning how to find and select the right ingredients for the day's dishes through a trip to the local market, where you'll also learn the culinary history of the Thai dishes about to be made. Each student of this Bangkok cooking school will be provided with an individual cooking station and equipment, where you'lll learn how to make three different Thai main dishes, a dessert, as well as how to make curry paste from scratch! The instructors will tailor your experience to your culinary skill level, so everyone can follow along. Vegetarian dishes are also available, and special attention to allergies are made. Once you're done cooking, you get to feast on your creations, and you can even take food home for your loved ones to try!
US$ 29.99
US$ 26.39
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Baipai Thai Cooking Class

4.8 62 reviews | 1K+ Booked
Learn how to cook some of Thailand’s most famous dishes at the Baipai Thai Cooking School, accredited by the Ministry of Education in Thailand. Having gained international recognition for its unique cooking methods, fresh ingredients and aromatic herbs and spices, Thai cuisine is not only delicious, but also healthy. The school consistently receives outstanding reviews online and is particularly noted for it's tranquil location at a traditional Thai house and garden. From Pad Thai and other traditional dishes to seasonal or regional plates such as Larb Gai, a northern Thai earth chicken dish, you're sure to be challenged and educated throughout the course. Choose between morning and afternoon classes, visit local markets for ingredients and get set up at your individual cooking station with an English speaking instructor. Baipai Thai cooking class will let you come home with a nice selection of well-mastered recipes to impress friends and family.
US$ 65.65
US$ 64.45
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Pink Chili Thai Cooking Class

4.6 71 reviews | 800+ Booked
Learn how to cook mouthwatering Thai dishes on the four hour cooking experience in Thailand’s capital. Your gourmet adventure includes a cooking class that will teach you to make four authentic dishes and one curry paste, a visit to the local market, soft drinks and the services of an English-speaking instructor. Start by visiting the market to pick up all the essential ingredients, learn how to select the best natural produce and get the best deals. Continue on to the class itself where, after a short briefing, you will learn the basics of world-famous Thai cuisine from expert chefs. Try your culinary creations, take photos and note down useful recipes to take back home.
US$ 35.99
US$ 34.49
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Chef Leez Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok

5.0 1 reviews | 100+ Booked
US$ 68.95
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If there's anything better than chocolate, it's the chocolatier. Be one for a day in this fun cooking class at Chocolab! Located inside the swanky So Sofitel Hotel in Bangkok, this specialty shop not only offers a wide range of confectionery, but also 2-hour chocolate-making group sessions with experts. Join a class by choosing between the morning and afternoon schedules and set a date for a chance to meet fellow foodies. Be greeted by an English-speaking chocolatier on the day of your class, your group's guide throughout the whole process. Try your hand at recreating the shop's best-selling Chocolate Mendiant and Chocolate Truffle, two easy recipes that you'll master in no time. Enjoy curating the taste to your preference and have your finished products ready to go in a cutesy souvenir box. Get discounts off your chosen class schedule when you book through Klook!
US$ 29.69
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Blue Elephant Thai Cooking Class (Bangkok)

4.7 238 reviews | 3K+ Booked
Thai cuisine leaves no one indifferent. Flavorful, spicy, boasting a mix of exotic spices and ingredients, Thai dishes are have character and are exceptionally memorable. Blue Elephant fine dining restaurant offers some of Bangkok's most popular cooking classes, under the competent guidance of experienced chefs. Despite its popularity, the classes maintain a good ratio of chefs to students and will give you a comprehensive introduction to Thai cooking. With a morning or afternoon class to suit your schedule, Blue Elephant Cooking class will give you all the needed skills to recreate your favourite Thai dishes at home and welcomes both novices and professional chefs alike.
US$ 88.25
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US$ 48.85
US$ 35.99
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Feel like a certified local as you take on a Thai cooking class in Bangkok! Learn how to cook authentic Thai cuisines in the ambiance of the 100 year old Siamese Cookery House. Have a visit to the market place to get fresh traditional ingredients for the class before the sessions or take on a garden trip if you are taking the evening classes. Get a glimpse of the life of a chef as you cook 4 main Thai dishes on your own - with the guide of professional and certified Thai cuisiniers of course! Choose from morning, afternoon and evening cooking classes that would suit your engaged schedule and check out the varying dishes per day in the Daily Menu.
US$ 37.19
US$ 24.75
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US$ 35.99
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House of Taste Thai cooking class invites you on an incredible gourmet experience in the heart of Bangkok. The day will be divided into two parts that will have you exploring Khlong Toei market—the biggest fresh market in Bangkok—where you shop for fresh ingredients before cooking them. Then, the cooking class will be conducted in an air-conditioned space where you will be introduced to Thai exotic ingredients, including vegetables, spices, and herbs. Learn to cook four authentic dishes from the world famous Thai cuisine under the guidance of a professional instructor using only the freshest organic ingredients purchased at the local market. Uncover age-old secrets of Thai culinary masterpieces and learn how to cook sticky rice make coconut cream, carve mangoes and so much more.
US$ 35.99
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US$ 80.95
US$ 71.95
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Pastries are always a good idea and they taste much better when you make them from scratch! Learn from professional Thai chefs at the renowned Thai Chef School licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education. The culinary school offers various cooking classes ranging from Thai, Pan-Asian, and Western cooking, as well as baking and pastry making. But if you prefer a quick workshop to whip up some of your favorite desserts and pastries, this class is the way to go. Create French pastries including macarons or pate choux, or classic desserts like brownies and chocolate chip cookies within a couple of hours. Choose your preferred day and time and go home with a new skill.
US$ 74.95
US$ 68.95
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Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy

4.6 755 reviews | 9K+ Booked
Learn how to cook traditional Thai dishes at a reputable cooking school in Bangkok. Choose from two packages available - the morning or the afternoon class - and learn how to prepare 5 dishes from scratch. Choose any 5 dishes from the catalog of recipes and your professional chef will guide you and teach you how to cook them. Each class starts with a trip to the market, where you'll be given a guided tour and get to select the freshest ingredients for your meal. After the tour of the market, you'll head back to the academy and start cooking! Right after, indulge in the fruits of your labor and get to taste the meals you worked so hard to prepare. This class even comes with an e-certificate and a recipe e-book upon request so you can show off your new skills at home! If you're a professional chef looking to expand your skills in Thai cuisine, take the Professional Full Day Class where you'll be training alongside chef-to-be's to create scrumptious traditional dishes at your own dedicated station.
US$ 41.99
US$ 29.99
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Thai Chef School Experience in Bangkok

5.0 4 reviews | 100+ Booked
US$ 35.99
US$ 29.99
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What people are saying about Cooking Classes in Bangkok

Allyson Published 546 days ago
I cannot recommend this activity enough! My husband and I joined Fai for the cooking class this past March 2020 and it was one of the best activities we’ve ever done on vacation. Our instructor Fai was knowledgeable, funny, and kind. The trip to the market and the class itself was very informative and really made us feel like we were learning authentic Thai cooking! The cooking school was in a nice clean building and the class was run very smoothly - Fai and her assistant were so coordinated with one another that it felt like we were on some kind of cooking show. Seriously, it was impressive - the ingredients and cooking materials were laid out and cleaned up seamlessly, and there were no delays between the demonstrations and us actually making the food. The food itself was delicious! It was a decent amount of food and many of us couldn’t finish our lunch so they were kind enough to pack it up for us to take to-go. I will recommend this to anyone visiting Bangkok and looking for a unique and fun experience!
Makayla Published 595 days ago
Out of all of the things I’ve done in Bangkok this trip (which was a lot!), this was the best way I spent my money. It was so much fun. The teachers were hilarious and very informative. I love that the teachers showed us how to make the meal and then allowed us to work independently, with their help if needed, of course. I met some great and funny people in this class traveling from all over. The teachers paired us into groups and made us do some friendly competition by seeing which group made the best curry paste, so much fun! You won’t regret signing up for this class.
Chieh Wen Published 597 days ago
It’s an excellent experience. The instructor is a very humorous and professional one. He keeps chatting with everyone and introduces the Thai ingredients to us. He shows us how to make each dish and makes sure we’re on the right track when we are cooking. It’s a fun and interesting experience even to a person who can’t cook like me. I sincerely recommend this activity to everyone who visits Bangkok.
Monica Published 615 days ago
Had such an amazing time at Siamese Cookery!! I learned so much about Thai food, the culture, and the dishes we made. Each dish was customizable (which was great cause we made Pad Thai and I hate egg). You also receive a cook book with all the recipes you learn that class. The whole process was made very easy. The instructor is charming and quite funny. Would take again if I’m ever back in Bangkok!
Kai Hiong Published 616 days ago
Awesome experience at the Bangkok Thai Cooking Class. You get to choose what you want to cook, and the dishes turns out to be really delicious. The instructor was funny and great at delivering the instructions for the different recipes. Just a few simple ingredients and you can cook your very own Thai food. Highly recommend to try out this class when you're in Bangkok.
Alyssa Published 619 days ago
Highly recommend!!! My girlfriend and I were hesitant to go as our flight got delayed and we lost an entire day in Bangkok and weren’t sure if wanted to spend our morning inside, but we LOVED it and we’re so happy we did it!! Fai was an amazing teacher, as were the rest of the staff! So lovely and so good. They even gave us a cookbook to take home!

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